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Afternoon Edition

How does your firm view Preneed?

I have a son that works in the automotive industry and we’ve discussed their lines of revenue quite often.  For instance the average dealership has about six primary lines of revenue – new car sales, used car sales, the service or repair center, a collision repair center, a leasing center, and a financing center.  At any given time some of those lines may be bringing in revenue. . sometimes dependent on the economy and supply chain. In the funeral home […]

Cremation Finance Preneed

SCI settles “Deceptive sales” lawsuit for $209 million

Service Corporation International (SCI) has agreed to provide up to $209 million in refunds to settle a federal class-action lawsuit alleging it deceived 87,000 Florida customers who purchased its prepaid plans according to this article from last week from Yahoo News. According to the article SCI Direct (formerly called Neptune Society Management Corporation) was named as co-defendant in the class-action suit originally filed by West Palm Beach senior Nancy Taylor in April 2020 in U.S. District Court in Fort Lauderdale. […]

Business Preneed

Out of the Box marketing

I think even those of us who grew up in the world before smart phones and the internet understand that funeral homes can gain in their marketing efforts by being actively involved in the social media world.  However, common sense dictates that marketing dollars should be spread around. . .even to the point of doing what I would call “Out of the Box” marketing. For many eventual clients in the funeral/cremation business it will be their children who decide which […]


The Director. . . . “Break a leg”

Scott Turnbull is an Australian funeral director who has worked in that occupation for the past 25 years.  In an article that you can read here from the Australian Financial Review  Turnbull states that while some weddings take over a year to plan, funerals are generally planned and executed in one week or less and that results in what he says can be an underwhelming experience for the grieving consumer. Turnbull believes that planning ahead is the way to do […]


SCI CEO Thomas Ryan on “Beacon”

Last week we examined the 3rd quarter financial results for Service Corporation International.  When we did that we noticed, and told our readers, about the success that their preneed funeral services seemed to be having.  We actually told readers to compare what they are doing in their own businesses to SCI to make sure that your own business was staying on track. What we didn’t know when we reported those results was the existence of Service Corporation’s proprietary technology that […]