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Cremation Preneed

Preneed is the answer

This article picks up on yesterday’s discussion of what could happen as more crematories are built expanding the supply of crematories in the United States.  Yesterday’s discussion then went to the thought process and question of, “Will this excess capacity in cremation move cremation to a lower and lower retail cost as death care companies vie for the limited number of clients?” Shortly after I wrote that article I came to the conclusion that, even if that does happen, the […]

Business Preneed

Preneed sales. . . . The Elevator Pitch

The other day I wrote an article that was titled “Selling Preneed. . .   .positively” which you can read here.  The bottom line of that article was to illustrate when advising on preneed, to promote preneed in a positive fashion.   I went on to say how, when I did seminars on funeral pre-arrangements, I tried to put a positive spin that it (preneed financial planning) was just the next step in a life full of prudent financial decisions the consumer […]

Afternoon Edition

Afternoon Edition: Utah funeral director hopes to build business with donated services

It’s not everyday when someone opens a business and then says they are going to build that business by donating the business’ services.  However, that is exactly what James Stephens is saying as the Managing Funeral Director of the new White Pines Funeral Home in Logan, Utah. According to this article from the Herald Journal News of Utah, Stephens and a group of investors are expected to open their funeral home in mid-October.  The group purchased the building from foreclosure […]


Can you find some extra cash-flow in Preneed

In the last couple of months or so I’ve heard from funeral home owners, or heard on a webinar, that the loss of revenue on a per case basis has been anywhere from about 9% to almost 40% in North America.  Even the public companies, such as Service Corporation International and Carriage Services, acknowledged in their latest quarterly reports that their revenues per case have dropped over 8%. It is almost universally believed and recognized that this drop in per […]


Pre-Paid vs. Funeral Insurance – The Aussie Take

There are some interesting things happening in the financial world in Australia.  Lately there has been quite a bit of publicity from the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation, and Financial Services industry about the financing of funerals while still living. My guess is that a lot of this has reached the public point partly because of the consolidation trend of mortuaries on that continent and the on going part of those companies to build market share.  Simply […]


First Family Funeral Faces More Issues

Last week we told you about a problem at the First Family Funeral Home of Spartanburg, South Carolina.  That problem stemmed from the fact that a body that was to have been cremated three years earlier was found stored in a room at the mortuary just a couple of weeks ago. Today in an article and news feed you can see here, a new problem seems to have come from a life insurance policy that Rhonda Harris was using to […]


Presenting Pre-Need — Part 2

Okay, so I left you yesterday reading Presenting Pre-Need — Part 1 and teasing you that I would go into more detail with today’s Presenting Pre-Need — Part 2.  Not that you were up waiting all evening for it, but here is Part 2. I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s column and today I am going to try to let you in on how I succinctly explain the value of pre-need accounts to guests at funeral home seminars.  Hopefully, these tips […]


The Necessity of Pre-Arrangements

Funeral pre-arrangement has been around the industry for a long-time.  Our firm advertises that we have been doing it since 1964.  However, pre-arrangements were an afterthought in those days when people came in and put away some money in a certificate of deposit to have on account with the funeral home to pay for future services.  Funeral homes spent little time on them and certainly they were not a strategic part of any funeral home business philosophy or plan in […]