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Park Lawn announces another acquisition

  Just yesterday we learned that Park Lawn Corporation announced the acquisition of the assets of Muehlebach Funeral Care, Skradski-Pierce Funeral Home, and Assurance Cremation Society.  All are located in Kansas City, Missouri. The acquisition of the three firms will add approximately 627 calls and $616,000 in adjusted EBITDA annually to Park Lawn Corporation’s financial resources according to this press release from Park Lawn Corporation. Here’s what Park Lawn CEO J. Bradley Green said about the transaction, “We are pleased […]

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What we are hearing on the Street. .. . and from some other sources

So, we are one week into the new year of 2022.  There are a few things that have been predicted since the new Presidential administration came into office last January, especially after the inflationary times that started last Spring. One of the the predicted things we heard about was that a new administration may eventually get around to changing some of the tax laws about capital gains. . . . . in other words, how the money is taxed when […]


Foundation Partners Group expands leadership team

In a press release that we received last week, Foundation Partners Group announced that they had expanded and repositioned their leadership team.  According to the release that you can read here, this will “position the company for continued growth and innovation.” The release explains that Bob Bukala, formerly the President and CEO, will remain CEO and also assume a role as Vice Chairman of the Foundation Partners Group Board of Directors.  The release also explains that Kent Robertson, the company’s […]


Expansions, acquisitions, new ownership. . . all part of what makes American small business what it is

We spend an inordinate amount of time telling our readers of what is happening in the large public companies that make up that constellation in the death care universe.  Don’t get me wrong, that information is good to have, easy to obtain as it is public by law, and much can be learned by seeing what the “Big Boys” of the profession are up to. However, in the death care industry – funeral homes, cemetery, preneed, and monuments – I’m […]


Park Lawn CEO Andrew Clark announces departure

Members of the death care media were informed yesterday via press release that the CEO and Chairman of Toronto based Park Lawn Corporation (PLC), Andrew Clark, would be stepping down as Chairman and CEO of the company.  You can read the press release here. The release quoted Clark as saying, “It has been a tremendous privilege to lead PLC and build a strong and highly capable management team over the last eight years.  I am grateful to have led a […]


Musgrove Family Mortuaries joins Foundation Partners Group

We learned last week that one of the northwest United States premier funeral home families has decided to cast their lot with Foundation Partners Group (FPG).  Musgrove Family Mortuaries and Cemeteries, based in Eugene, Oregon, announced last week that they had been acquired by FPG.  You can see the press release from Foundation Partners Group here. Musgrove Mortuaries and Cemeteries history comes out of the Day and Henderson Funeral Home founded in 1883.  The Musgrove family gained ownership in 1973 […]


Carriage Services adds Texas location

It was announced yesterday in this press release that funeral home and cemetery consolidator Carriage Services had acquired the Rest Haven Funeral Home and Cemetery, based in Rockwall, Texas.  The press release went on to say that this purchase represents Carriage Service’s first foray into the large and strategic market of Dallas-Fort Worth. Again, according to the press release, Rest Haven has been in business for fifty years and also has locations in Rowlett and Royse City, Texas.  The press […]


StoneMor keeps moving towards turnaround

StoneMor Partners, L.P. issued a press release the other day expressing some of the movements they are making as they execute their self-termed “turnaround” of the company.  As you may know, StoneMor Partners operates 321 cemeteries and 90 funeral homes and has incurred several consecutive quarters of losses in their operation.  You can read their press release here: In essence, here are some of their moves as they continue to execute their plan to bring the company back to business […]


BOOX Research rates SCI as “underperform”

BOOX Research provided an article to Seeking Alpha about Service Corporation International (SCI) that you can read here.  It’s important to note that this is only one article by one researcher, but their complex analysis ends up with a going forward rating on the public death care company of “Underperform”. The very first page of the ten-page report, complete with diagrams and graphs, states “While we think this is a good business with solid financials, we think much of the […]


When to hold ’em, when to fold ’em and the acquisition movement

Last week I read this article from the Minneapolis Star Tribune focused on the Fortune 500 company, General Mills.  General Mills is a Minneapolis based company – and has been for a long time – which leads to much media coverage for them in the state of Minnesota.  The article pertained to the fact that General Mills has had a rebound in stock price and the article credits it to the company’s “pivot” in strategy at just the right time. […]