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TPG Capital pulls InvoCare bid off the table

By Funeral Director Daily / April 26, 2023 /

    It’s been an interesting month to be watching what is happening in the South Pacific if you are a investor in the death care business.  TPG Capital, a large United States private equity company, made an unsolicited offer for InvoCare, the largest death care provider in Australia and New Zealand about one month…

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Park Lawn moves into Iowa and Nebraska with recent acquisition

By Funeral Director Daily / March 24, 2023 /

    Park Lawn Corporation (PLC) whose website now states, “is the fastest growing company in the industry in North America”, announced last week that they have moved into the states of Iowa and Nebraska with the acquisition of Meyer Brothers Funeral Homes.   Meyer Brothers Funeral Homes has, among their five locations, locations in…

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Propel Funeral Partners makes acquisitions. . . are acquisitions larger in general?

By Funeral Director Daily / February 23, 2023 /

    Last week North America’s largest funeral service company, Service Corporation International (SCI), announced in their 4th Quarter report “On the acquisition front, we had a very active fourth quarter investing $89 million in four separate transactions across the United States and Canada. These transactions added 14 funeral homes and 3 cemeteries, which included 3 combination locations.”   And…

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Albuquerque’s historic French Funeral and Cremation business sold to executive employees

By Funeral Director Daily / January 20, 2023 /

  We learned last week that Albuquerque, New Mexico, based French Funerals & Cremation was sold.  The company, founded in 1907 by Chester French, and operated by descendants for the past 115 years, elected to keep the company private and sold to long-time French company executives Tom Antram and Alice Brousseau according to this article…

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Anthem Partners acquires funeral homes in the San Joaquin Valley

By Funeral Director Daily / December 27, 2022 /

  Anthem Partners, the privately-held operator of funeral homes and cemeteries, announced via press release last week that it had acquired a business that operated three funeral homes in the San Joaquin Valley area of California.  That funeral business was Sterling & Smith Funeral Directors, Inc.  The company has owned and operated facilities in Fresno,…

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Park Lawn announces another acquisition

By Funeral Director Daily / October 13, 2022 /

  Just yesterday we learned that Park Lawn Corporation announced the acquisition of the assets of Muehlebach Funeral Care, Skradski-Pierce Funeral Home, and Assurance Cremation Society.  All are located in Kansas City, Missouri. The acquisition of the three firms will add approximately 627 calls and $616,000 in adjusted EBITDA annually to Park Lawn Corporation’s financial…

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What we are hearing on the Street. .. . and from some other sources

By Funeral Director Daily / January 7, 2022 /

So, we are one week into the new year of 2022.  There are a few things that have been predicted since the new Presidential administration came into office last January, especially after the inflationary times that started last Spring. One of the the predicted things we heard about was that a new administration may eventually…

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Foundation Partners Group expands leadership team

By Funeral Director Daily / October 9, 2020 /

In a press release that we received last week, Foundation Partners Group announced that they had expanded and repositioned their leadership team.  According to the release that you can read here, this will “position the company for continued growth and innovation.” The release explains that Bob Bukala, formerly the President and CEO, will remain CEO…

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Expansions, acquisitions, new ownership. . . all part of what makes American small business what it is

By Funeral Director Daily / July 6, 2020 /

We spend an inordinate amount of time telling our readers of what is happening in the large public companies that make up that constellation in the death care universe.  Don’t get me wrong, that information is good to have, easy to obtain as it is public by law, and much can be learned by seeing…

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Park Lawn CEO Andrew Clark announces departure

By Funeral Director Daily / February 19, 2020 /

Members of the death care media were informed yesterday via press release that the CEO and Chairman of Toronto based Park Lawn Corporation (PLC), Andrew Clark, would be stepping down as Chairman and CEO of the company.  You can read the press release here. The release quoted Clark as saying, “It has been a tremendous…

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