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Business Regulations

The article from “D” Magazine

In writing Funeral Director Daily I take pride in keeping up with what is happening in the Death Care profession and industry.  And, even though the occupation and the choices it has for consumers faced with death of a loved one moves along at a fairly slow and methodical pace, there are changes to keep up with everyday. But sometimes things happening in the industry escape me for a time.  That’s why it was interesting for me to read this […]


Neptune Society sued by State of California

In news that broke after business hours on Monday, it was reported in this article from Oakland that California Attorney General Xavier Becerra and three Bay area district attorneys filed a lawsuit against the Neptune Society and Trident Society for misleading customers about the protection of money paid in advance for cremation. Both companies are part of Service Corporation International, the Houston based death services conglomerate. According to the article, the lawsuit claims that “the Service Corporation International subsidiaries deceive […]

Cemetery Regulations

Grave robbery. . . the 21st century way

“Members of a nonprofit Queens cemetery board plundered its coffers and made off with money meant to keep the burial grounds running” according to a suit filed by the New York Attorney General. . . . is how this article from the New York Post begins. According to the article the suit goes on to claim that several current and former board members of the Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery – which is a non-profit cemetery located in Queens, New York […]