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Your Business Value: A Funeral Home Owner’s Guide to Prepping for 2023

Editor’s Note:  Today’s guest columnist is Jake Johnson, CEO of Johnson Consulting Group.  His article begins here:   It’s no secret to anyone right now that businesses everywhere are feeling the impacts of inflation. The funeral profession specifically has seen a rise in costs, and it’s resulted in increased stress and pressure on owners. These shifts are inevitable, and if businesses don’t start making changes and prioritizing their business value for the future, they’ll find themselves at a severe disadvantage. […]

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Can you make inflation work for you

I recently read an article from Yahoo Finance written by Andy Serwer that asks the interesting question, “(Is) inflation the business opportunity of a lifetime?”  You can read that article here. Serwer explains that after almost fifty years of very low static inflation that we may be in for a much higher rate for the next several years.  United States price inflation rate was at about 5.7% in 2021 and it appears like it will run at least at that […]

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What we are hearing on the Street. .. . and from some other sources

So, we are one week into the new year of 2022.  There are a few things that have been predicted since the new Presidential administration came into office last January, especially after the inflationary times that started last Spring. One of the the predicted things we heard about was that a new administration may eventually get around to changing some of the tax laws about capital gains. . . . . in other words, how the money is taxed when […]


Don’t let inflation leave your business behind

The time to set your budgets for 2022 is fast approaching.  To make your business turn into profits, and your work worthwhile, it is imperative that you realistically look at the services you provide and the mix of those services so that you can have an accurate idea of the revenue you are going to bring in during the next business year.  It is also imperative that you look at the expenses that you are going to incur with some […]


Watch your costs to hold onto profits

When I last wrote an article pertaining to inflation one of Funeral Director Daily’s readers contacted me to tell me that his studies indicated that funeral pricing increases did not always correspond with inflationary rates or the rise of the Consumer Price Index.  Sometimes funeral pricing was higher and sometimes it was lower than the CPI.  This gentleman is a pretty smart guy so I’m guessing he was correct with his study. However, in a time of inflation many of […]


Will inflation affect your operations

If you have followed my writings for any length of time you know that I look to emerging trends to get a “gut feel” on what is going to be happening in the business world.  Getting that gut feel doesn’t always lead to making fundamental business decisions, but it does lead me to continue watching on the trends and gut feel thoughts with a more precise eye on what is happening. For the most part of the last two decades […]