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From the investment community: U.S. funeral costs, Australia funeral trends

To roll into the weekend we thought we would give you some food for thought in the funeral industry from almost 10,000 miles apart.  Our articles today come from the investment community in both the United States and Australia.  Both are good, well thought out articles that deal with the world of death care in their own countries. I’ve always been one to look at these type of articles which deal with the funeral business on a large scale and […]


SCI reports 1Q 2020. . . news on Carriage Services, Matthews

Yesterday funeral home and cemetery public company Service Corporation International (SCI) reported their financial results for the 1st Quarter of 2020.  The results were much anticipated because they are the first quarter where the “no large gatherings” rule had come into effect in funeral service.  To be candid, however, those rules only came into effect in the latter part of March and, therefore, represent only a small portion of the 2020 1st Quarter results. SCI reported positive results in this […]


Will the pandemic change our grief

Human emotions are an interesting dynamic.  The human species can go in and out of emotions and many times not even help themselves in that process.  Think about “fear”.  You’ve been separated from your group on a camping and canoe outing and you don’t know where anybody else is. . . .fear might overcome you. And, you may not be able to shake that feeling of fear no matter how hard you try until somebody finds you or you find […]


Attorneys general call for enhanced consumer protection

As you may well know, the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) “Funeral Rule” is up for review at this time.  The FTC has also extended the deadline for interested parties to submit comments to the agency to June 15, 2020, from the original April 14, 2020 date. The FTC Funeral Rule was first enacted in 1982 and follows the FTC’s guidelines to promote competition, and protect and educate consumers.  According to this article from the Daily Independent of Peoria, Arizona, “The […]


Pure Cremation donates television airtime to hospice

We were informed in this public relations article from Agility PR Solutions that the United Kingdom’s leading dedicated provider of direct cremations, Pure Cremation, has donated paid-up television air time to the Marie Curie’s organization.  One of Marie Curie’s non-profit endeavors is to provide end of life care. According to the release, “The end of life charity has seen its income streams decimated due to the cancellation of fundraising events across the UK.”  Esther Jackson, Marie Curie’s Marketing and Communications […]


SCI CEO Tom Ryan: “We’re going to have some revenue pressures”

Over the years I’ve often thought that the business of funeral and cremation care as a business is overlooked by those that teach or write of things happening in the business world.  It is not everyday that Forbes magazine does an in-depth article on our profession. Last week, Forbes featured an article that you can read here entitled, “How the pandemic is killing the death business.”  The article features an in-depth interview with Service Corporation International’s CEO Tom Ryan.  It […]


Yale University dormitory houses funeral directors

On Wednesday I had the opportunity to be part of a live educational Zoom meeting that was part of the University of Minnesota Department of Mortuary Science distance learning.  Geared for students, this presentation was aimed at letting those in the funeral profession describe to students what conditions they, as funeral directors, were working under during the COVIC-19 pandemic. I don’t know what the students thought of the presentation, but this 40 year licensee learned a lot that he did […]


Lots of volunteer heroes in our profession right now

This Funeral Director Daily article will  not do enough justice to the funeral director/mortician profession but it is an attempt to show how those in our profession are going well out of their way to help other funeral directors in need and to help humanity as a whole. In New York City there are only five cremation retorts.  The backlog to get a specific deceased body cremated can be a month long.  There are also burials that need to be […]


Time to ramp up Preneed

I’ve seen no data to prove this but anecdotally several people have told me, or I have read, that funeral pre-arrangement sales have drifted downward during the past month or so of sheltering at home due to the coronavirus.  That would only makes sense because many of the clients who pre-arrange are not only seeking to set money aside to pay for their funeral at a later date, but are also looking for information and confirmation that the plans they […]


What about “Demand”?

On Monday at about the time that the stock market was closing for the day I happened to tune in to CNBC to see what had happened during the day in those markets.  All the talk was about oil prices as the talking heads were busy informing the world, that at this point in human history, we now have too much oil. Who would have ever thought that?  There were times not long ago where oil was priced at over […]