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Making Aftercare work for you

When you are the owner of a funeral home you have to have a plan for marketing the business.  Most funeral director proprietors think about their advertising, their on-line presence, and their pre-arrangement program as a way to market.  What many don’t think about, however, is that the services they provide after the funeral to the client families should be an area given great consideration in that it can help build future clientele.  We’ve come to call this area of […]


Massachusetts funeral director license suspended

According to this article from the Telegram.com, long-time Worcester, Massachusetts funeral director Peter A. Stefan had has his license to operate suspended as of October 25.  Again, according to the article the suspension comes from a second inspection of his funeral home on October 23.  . the first inspection was on September 3. The article states that on the October 23 inspection four bodies were infested with bugs and one body had been mummified.  In addition, the article states that […]


Cemetery life: Halloween movie cancelled, lawsuit

Today we decided that we would be light on the editorial topic and just present a couple of short news articles to our readers concerning issues in cemeteries across the country. The first article that we will furnish to our readers is here and concerns the Lafayette Memorial Park in Fayetteville, North Carolina, where a family fun movie night was being scheduled for the cemetery on October 26.  Organizers thought the event would be a great family event where adults […]


Encouragement. . . You can all do it

I left the world of full time everyday work about 5 years ago.  With that and my two boys growing up and somewhat out of the house as a college grad in the working world and the last one in college, I have found more time during the day to do things that I really wanted to do and couldn’t when I was operating a funeral home and having the roles of husband and father at home. One of the […]


Is Your Funeral Home Ready for this Situation?

On Sunday I heard of a potential hostage situation at a funeral home in Las Vegas.  According to the Las Vegas Review it was not a hostage situation but a situation of a man threatening to shoot himself inside the Davis Funeral Home in Las Vegas. Authorities were called to the funeral home, roads — and even some runways at the adjacent McCarren Airport — were closed, and it took some time for the police squads to get the man […]