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Client Retention: Back to the Future

The Tuesday article of Funeral Director Daily entitled  “We Live in a Different World” and dealing with the idea that much of death care, including how we acquire and retain our customers through marketing had barely published when I saw a presentation about some “old school” ideas that are trending back in the hopes of holding on to existing customers. Now, I know that in death care businesses such as funeral homes, crematories, and cemeteries our client customers only come […]


Why Zero-Search Keywords Matter in Deathcare

At Funeral Director Daily we are very fortunate that we have so many Death Care profession industry experts that read our material.  And, we are also very thankful that many of them will offer their expertise to our readers if asked.  Learning what they know can help progressive funeral homes increase their own business. Today, I have asked one of those experts, Welton Hong, founder of Ring Ring Marketing, and an expert in the technical marketing of funeral homes on […]


Where’s the best place to market your funeral home? Everywhere.

I recently read an article from the Watertown (South Dakota) Public Opinion newspaper and it reminded me of how we marketed our funeral home in the days prior to internet and digital marketing.  We always looked for anywhere where we would have a chance to visit with people — especially on a one-on-one basis — to tell of the values of what we did. This article tells of the Crawford-Osthus Funeral Home and their booth and speaking engagement at the […]


Affinity programs and the funeral business

Recently a new Casey’s Gas and Convenience store opened near me.  Now, it is not the first Casey’s in our community, but it is very convenient to my home.  So, I purchase gasoline, coffee, donuts, and made to order pizza there more often than any other store in town.  I’m not a easy mark as an affinity card holder at different businesses, but the clerks convinced me to become a “Casey’s Member”.  Being a member, I get discounts, free cups […]


The value of non-conventional marketing

It’s hard for me to believe that I now call Direct Mail, Radio, and Newspaper advertising “non-conventional”.  When I started in the business that was about as “conventional” as it got. However, when I am looking online for products to buy I’ve become accustomed to looking at the “Reviews” or the “Star Ratings” now.  I don’t want to order something from someone who others might, for instance, say is tough to return merchandise to.  Or, is slow to receive the […]

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Webinar and lessons from Ring Ring Marketing on winning the customer

Over the past two years I’ve heard a lot about Welton Hong.  It seems like many places I turn somebody has a story about how Mr. Hong has helped their funeral home with their business marketing.  He’s also written the book as they say on internet marketing. . . matter of fact his book is entitled, “Making your phone ring with internet marketing”. In all due fairness and transparency, Mr. Hong’s company, Ring Ring Marketing, has recently become a sponsor […]


News funeral professionals can use

Our subscribers tell us that the information we provide in these periodic updates is appreciated so we will continue to pass on seminars, articles, webinars, and other information pertinent to the death care profession.  Please feel free to pass these on to others in your office and if your company is planning something that would be informative to others in the profession please feel free to let us know.  You can contact us by clicking on the “Contact Us” link […]


Marketing: Top of Mind Awareness

Over the years I learned a lot about marketing.  When sales reps for different advertising mediums came into our business to either sell or re-new our programs I always looked at them as extensions of our business and not sales people.  I figured that if I could learn from them I could use that knowledge to get a better “bang for my buck” on the advertising front. One of my conversations that I remember very well is a conversation with […]


Funeral Homes expand services to find New Revenue and Brand Loyalty

We recently came across a couple of brief articles pertaining to existing funeral homes making additions to their operation in order to add new revenue. The first of these articles is from the Hastings (Minnesota) Star Gazette and you can find it here.  It pertains to the Ellis Funeral Home of Hastings breaking ground for a new crematory being added to their funeral home so that they will not have to use a non-owned off-site crematory for those families that […]