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Business Regulations

The article from “D” Magazine

In writing Funeral Director Daily I take pride in keeping up with what is happening in the Death Care profession and industry.  And, even though the occupation and the choices it has for consumers faced with death of a loved one moves along at a fairly slow and methodical pace, there are changes to keep up with everyday. But sometimes things happening in the industry escape me for a time.  That’s why it was interesting for me to read this […]


Colorado Body Parts Bill up for Vote

Colorado lawmakers are expected to vote today on a bill that will make owning a mortuary or crematory and also owning a body broker business at the same time illegal.  You may have been following the happenings at Sunset Mesa Funeral Directors of Montrose, Colorado, this past winter that has prompted this action. According to this article and video from NBC 11 in Colorado, the FBI raided the funeral home this winter and the funeral home business and its owner, […]