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COVID-19 and its possible effects on the funeral profession

As I dwell on what is going on currently – such as the market rebounding to its past level, businesses opening up across the country, and school administrators deciding on how to safely open up for classes in the Fall, I cannot help but wonder if the funeral profession will have ramifications because of the three month period we have just went through. Let’s see, across the country we have had mass layoffs bordering on the unemployment statistics of the […]


Plenty of opportunities for women in the death care profession

I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Mortuary Science in 1980 — in a class of about 40 males and one female.  That is just the way it was. . .there were no young women going into the business at that time.  Today, the mortuary science classes at my alma mater are about 70% female. I recently came across this article from Indiana that was about the 17th Nontraditional Employment for Women Opportunities Workshop in Syracuse, Indiana.  I thought […]


The Changing Face of Funeral Service Education

Jack Mitchell’s great-great-great uncle started the Mitchell Wiedefeld Funeral Home in Baltimore in 1837.  According to an article and news report from WBAL- TV that you can read and see here, it is one of the oldest funeral homes in Baltimore and has a rich history. Mitchell is quoted in the article when he says, “It takes a special kind of person to deal with the dead.  Morticians do it every day, and many say it is a calling, not […]


Finding the Passion

Just this past weekend I read an rather uneventful article about a new employee at a Tiffin, Ohio based funeral home that you can read here.  The article centers on the employment of young funeral director Jacob Bowers and his relatively new employment at the Hoffman-Gottfried-Mack Funeral Home and Crematory. The article, in essence, tells of the homecoming of a youth, who at age 14 started washing cars and doing the lawn work for the funeral home.  Bowers also explains […]