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Minefields up ahead??

Just yesterday Funeral Director Daily brought you an article that showed, through the reports of public companies, that consumer based funeral homes and cemeteries seem to be doing really well financially over the past two years of the Covid-19 pandemic.  For the most part, and their are exceptions, the 12-15% increase in American deaths has seemed to trickle down to better bottom lines of funeral homes and cemeteries. I also want to point out that has not been done without […]

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National report: U.S. death rate to be elevated until 2023

The United States released its annual report by the Trustees of the Social Security and Medicare Programs earlier this week.  In that report, which you can see a summarized article here, we get an idea of what the federal government thinks about death rates going forward. The report concludes, as to the national death rate, “The federal government expects U.S. mortality rates to be elevated by 15% over pre-pandemic norms in 2021 and not return to normal until 2023.”  The […]


Welton Hong: “Putting your Marketing Money into the Community”

Editor’s Note:  Today we bring you some information on marketing your funeral business in your own community.  This article is written by funeral industry marketing expert, Welton Hong.  Let’s look at local marketing opportunities that generate community goodwill while also getting your funeral home’s name out there. Here are some ideas to consider:  Sponsor a Local Sports Team Recreational sports leagues and youth travel teams have many expenses, including costs for uniforms, equipment, and maintenance for fields. They often turn […]


We saw a lot of deaths in 2020

An article in the Minneapolis Star Tribune which you can access here was headlined, “U.S. overdose deaths hit a record 93,000 in pandemic last year”.  The article went on to say that the calendar year 2020 saw a record number of deaths due to drug overdoses in the year. . . an increase of 29% over the calendar year total of about 72,000 in 2019. Combining that number with the number of deaths due to Covid-19 prompted me to search […]

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Death care start-ups Recompose and Pure Cremation keep moving forward

New ideas come to the forefront in all industries from time to time.  Some never get going, some ideas stagnate, but it is really exciting when you see some ideas and concepts catch a tailwind and continue to move forward. In the last couple of weeks we have seen news from two death care start-ups, Seattle’s Recompose and Great Britain’s Pure Cremation, that make us believe that their masts are billowing with some wind behind the sails. Recompose, the original […]


Watch your costs to hold onto profits

When I last wrote an article pertaining to inflation one of Funeral Director Daily’s readers contacted me to tell me that his studies indicated that funeral pricing increases did not always correspond with inflationary rates or the rise of the Consumer Price Index.  Sometimes funeral pricing was higher and sometimes it was lower than the CPI.  This gentleman is a pretty smart guy so I’m guessing he was correct with his study. However, in a time of inflation many of […]

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Bringing your public image to reality

If you are operating a business, such as a funeral home or cemetery, and that business has been around for several years, whether you like it or not, that business has a perception to the public.  The good news is that if the business has been around for a length of time, then it is fair to assume that there is a pretty good public image of the business in the consumer’s mind. . . . or the business would […]


Funeral “services” buck the trend in 2020

I read this article from Yahoo Finance today entitled “The Economic Chart of the Year“.  It is an interesting short read and you will learn something from reading it.  Like I always try to do. . . I tried to reflect on how my actions have contributed to the articles conclusion and also tried to reach some type of idea on how this knowledge might be able to help death care professionals moving forward. The crux of the article deals […]


Building brand awareness, perception, and image

So many times when I’m writing a an article I find something in that article that jogs my mind about another aspect of funeral service, or business, or life in general.  In yesterday’s article I mentioned “Top of Mind Awareness” as something that your business or your brand wants your potential customers to have. I used to think of “Top of Mind Awareness” or TOMA for our funeral home as something that was absolutely vital to grow our business.  So, […]


Funeral Home Budgeting — The revenue side

As we told you yesterday, we are re-running our budgeting articles that received such good response from funeral home operators in November 2019.  Budgeting is, well, budgeting, but there are always new wrinkles to account for. While we have, for our example,  simply delineated our revenue numbers by cremation case or earth burial case, if we learned nothing else in this COVID-19 year, it is that death care cases will become more and more varied over time.  There will be […]