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Finance Preneed

Assurant reports. . . . Preneed seems to be “up in the air”

Worldwide insurance conglomerate Assurant reported both its 4Q 2020 and its Full Year 2020 results last week.  The company reports in three distinctive segments — Global Housing, Global Lifestyle, and Global Preneed. The total Earned Premiums of the entire company for the Full Year 2020 combined to $9.52 billion which is a better than 2% increase over the combined Earned Premiums of about $9.33 billion in FY 2019.  The company press release, which you can read here, had this to […]


Security National reports 3Q 2020: Hitting on all cylinders

We continue to roll out the earnings reports of the public death care companies and today is no exception.  Today we tell you about one of the quieter companies that is starting to make a name for themselves as they grow. That company is Utah based Security National Financial Corporation (SNFC) and divisions of the company are involved in mortuaries, cemeteries, funeral funding through insurance assignments, and preneed insurance.  In essence, from our point of view, while still small by […]

Afternoon Edition

Afternoon Edition: Counties feeling the pressure to help with cremation costs

Today’s Afternoon Edition will bring you some stories of American counties that are grappling with how to pay for increased requests for financial assistance for families that indicate that they need help in paying minimum cremation costs.  We have one story from WFTS in Tampa Bay, Florida, that is very typical in telling that requests for that type of assistance in Hillsborough County and Pasco County are up between 35-40% on the year.  One official from Hillsborough County tells the […]


Crowdfunding for Funerals??

I recently came across an article from TV 6 in Richmond, Virginia, about funeral crowdfunding being set up for a relative through GoFundMe when the family noticed that another account for the deceased had already been set up.  The family became uneasy about it and asked TV 6 to investigate. Turns out that the first GoFundMe page was set up by someone who believed they were just doing a good deed for the family.  However, suspicions seemed to abound.  In […]