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Security National’s Cemetery/Mortuary revenues up 28% in Q2

Security National Financial Corporation of Utah revealed their 2nd Quarter 2021 financial numbers earlier this month.  Total revenues for the entire company were actually down about 2% overall as their Mortgage Division saw an overall 8% decline in revenues as compared to the same quarter of 2020. However, the company’s Life Insurance division, which included preneed insurance and its Cemetery/Mortuary divisions both saw an increase in revenues which lowered that overall revenue loss to only 2%.  The Life Insurance Division […]


SCI’s Tom Ryan: “. . true earnings growth from funeral will require increased funeral services”

Service Corporation International (SCI) reported their 1st Quarter financial results last week and in it we found a lot of information and perspective that we believe is informative and, in our opinion, pretty good news as to how the American public is coming out of the pandemic with their actions on funeral care seemingly indicating that they are in line with how they felt prior to the pandemic. First of all, SCI’s results from the first quarter are indicative of […]


Funeral Home Budgeting — The revenue side

As we told you yesterday, we are re-running our budgeting articles that received such good response from funeral home operators in November 2019.  Budgeting is, well, budgeting, but there are always new wrinkles to account for. While we have, for our example,  simply delineated our revenue numbers by cremation case or earth burial case, if we learned nothing else in this COVID-19 year, it is that death care cases will become more and more varied over time.  There will be […]


Security National has bang-up quarter, Memorial segment grows

Security National Financial Corporation (SNFC) is a diverse, but integrated company.  They are diverse in that they have three distinct segments – Mortgages, Life Insurance, and Cemeteries/Mortuaries – under their umbrella.  They are an integrated company in that all segments report together to bring a bottom line to the company. And, the integration was good for the Salt Lake City based public company in the 2nd Quarter of 2020 as you can read in their recently released financial results for […]

Cemetery Preneed

The savings rate and what it can do for preneed and cemetery sales

It’s not even noon on Sunday yet and I’ve had a pretty good day already.  Minnesota has allowed churches to open at 25% of capacity so my wife and I attended church today, albeit wearing masks and sitting far from anybody else, for the first time since mid-March.  Also, singing was banned for just instrumental music, but for someone who has a spiritual bent to them, it felt really good to be in church.  I’ve also had a chance to […]


Carriage Services acquisitions, hiring. . and other news

Last week public funeral home operating company Carriage Services was really in the news.  They not only announced the acquisitions of the Fairfax Memorial Park and Funeral Home in the Washington, DC area, but they announced the purchase from StoneMor Partners of the funeral home/cemetery combination facility Oakmont Memorial Funeral Home and Cemetery in Northern California They also announced the addition of a new President/COO to their corporate family as well. StoneMor Partner’s press release mentioned the price of the […]

Business Preneed

Does more money = more services??

It’s a habit that I just can’t seem to let go of.  I’m just business oriented and when I read something I have this habit of taking the information and transforming it into how it may or may not affect the business that I am in.  As some of you know, I’m an early investor in a nationally growing food delivery business and just the other day the State of California noted that they will be looking to move some […]


Service Corporation Reports 2Q 2018 Results

Service Corporation International, the largest of the funeral service conglomerate public companies, reported 2nd Quarter 2018 financial results yesterday.  You can read their press release and see the numbers here. SCI announced earnings per share of $0.44 versus analysts estimates of $0.43 per share.  They also announced 2nd quarter revenue of $796 million as compared to 2017’s 2nd quarter revenue of $773 million – an increase of roughly 3.0%. The company also announced a “comparable” revenue or “same store” revenue […]


StoneMor Partners Continues Moving Forward

Last week cemetery and funeral home consolidator StoneMor Partners issued press releases regarding their company.  In essence the releases shared the following information: Release of Preliminary Unaudited 2017 Full Year Financials The appointment of a new CEO for the company, Mr. Joe Redling The establishment of a committee to look into the possibility of changing the company from a Master Limited Partnership to a “C” Corporation You can read the press release pertaining to the 2017 financials here.  Here are […]