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FDD keeps growing. .requesting contributing articles

Thanks to our readers and a solid word of mouth presence in the death care profession, Funeral Director Daily continues to grow our readership.  As you can see from the chart below we continue to grow slow and sure among decision makers in the funeral, cemetery, and cremation world.  Thank you. We continue to show upward mobility in all categories including daily subscribers, Search Engine Optimization one time viewers, and total monthly views.  I continue to enjoy doing this as […]


Funeral Director Daily hits milestones!!!

A couple of days ago the world not only broke into a new decade, but the turning over of the calendar into 2020 also signified a milestone for our little newsletter, Funeral Director Daily.  Last week we passed into the realm of going over 1,000 daily subscribers to the blog I created just to stay in touch with the death care industry after my retirement from such. Subscribers either receive a daily e-mail or Twitter feed of Funeral Director Daily […]


Funeral Director Daily readership keeps rising

Funeral Director Daily continues its rise as what is probably the fastest growing readership medium in the death care profession.  For the past six months, since April 2019, readership has grown 64% — or an average of 10.67% per month.  And, we believe that when statistics are in for November, Funeral Director Daily will be showing an even more rapid increase in readership. As a matter of fact, readership has grown an incredible 6 times what it was only two […]


July numbers show Funeral Director Daily keeps increasing readership, viewership

We want to continue to thank our loyal readers for making Funeral Director Daily what we believe is the fastest growing informational format for the death care industry read today.  Our readership increased for the 3rd consecutive month — and for July 2019 from June 2019 we saw an increase of 6.8% of daily views.  Thanks!! We have also pushed our subscriber base to over 850 subscribers!  Thanks again. Going back a year we have a 102.2% increase from our […]


Everybody is reading Funeral Director Daily

Generally, I’ve never been one to blow my own horn.  I’ve always felt, “Just do my job and those I serve will be my best advertisers”.  However, I’ve found out that in the process of building a world-wide read blog, sometimes you have to tell people what is happening to help them get excited and tell others what they are missing. So, as you know, this blog has been home grown 100% with no financial resources thrown at building readership.  […]


Security National’s Earnings almost Double

Security National Financial Corporation, a member of the Funeral Director Daily Death Care Index (DCI) of public companies recorded 3rd quarter 2018 after-tax earnings of $2.014 million as compared to last year’s 3rd quarter profits of $1.097 million.  You can read the company’s complete press release here. The company which operates in the Life Insurance, Cemetery/Mortuary, and Mortgage segments reported 3rd quarter revenues down from 2017 to $67.2m as compared to $71.8m.  The entire decrease in revenues came from the […]


Funeral Director Daily Readership Surging

What started out as a challenge to me from a blogger in another industry has turned into the fastest growing death care publication that can be found.  Funeral Director Daily was established as a simple way for me to relate what I have learned in 33 years on the front line of funeral service and my work in other fields to others in the death care industry. I started this publication as a hobby with two big questions.  Who would […]


Thanks for Reading!!

Last week Funeral Director Daily passed the 500 subscriber mark for e-mails sent daily to regular readers.  Thanks for signing up.  All growth has been organic and now, since I’ve learned how to use Google and other search engines we are growing by about 1% per week.  When you consider we had about 8 readers for the first six months while I was learning the networking of attracting and holding readers, that is pretty impressive. How We Started:  Since I […]


Value of Intangibles in a Funeral Home Sale

I happened to be watching a funeral industry podcast today and this question was asked of the “Expert” , “What value to the sale are pre-arrangement contracts that are not tied to the funeral home, but could be moved?”  The expert’s answer was something like this, “Absolutely nothing.  They can be moved to a competing funeral home so no new owner will pay anything for an asset that is not guaranteed to be there.” I’m somewhat in disagreement with that […]