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Top read stories and more information for you

It is our custom at Funeral Director Daily to post the top-read stories of the past 30 days at the middle of every month.  Just in case you missed one or two of them.  . here they are. In addition we are putting out some information for that you may find useful pertaining to the CANA Peer Network and new offerings from the NFDA’s podcast series, A Brush with Death. Here are Funeral Director Daily’s top-read articles from August 15 […]

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Thank you — lots of people are reading Funeral Director Daily. . . Here’s our top read articles for the past 30 days

Just a short note before I give you the Top Read articles for the past 30 days.  I want to Thank You for reading Funeral Director Daily.  Last week we topped the 30-day running total of 15,000 page views for the first time ever.  As of today, I’m writing this on Saturday, August 13, we are at a 30-day running total of 15,307. In August of 2020, that number was 9,093 — so we have had an increase of 68.3% […]

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Everybody’s reading Funeral Director Daily. . .here’s our top read stories of the past month

With almost 2,800 daily subscribers and about 13,000 page views every 30 days, there is no doubt that lots of death care professionals are reading Funeral Director Daily.  Stories that range from grief to employment issues to business articles means that over 30 days there is something of interest for everybody. Here are the articles that garnered the most views during the time period of June 15 to July 15. . . If you missed one of these articles make […]

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The 4th of July still stands for Freedom. . . an immigrant’s tale

Our funeral home is celebrating its 150th year of business in 2022.  I thought the 4th of July weekend was a great time to tell you of our history and also that history of another American immigrant whose life has intersected with our family on numerous occasions.  And, that immigrant’s life has had a major impact on hundreds of thousands of Americans.  I hope you enjoy the story. Legal immigration is the American story.  From the time when the Pilgrims […]

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What everybody has been reading on Funeral Director Daily

We’ve burned through another month of feature stories at Funeral Director Daily.  If you have missed some of our feature stories, here are the stories that are readers viewed most often from May 16 through June 15. StoneMor agrees to Axar Capital Management buyout. Recognizing the “Cusp of Change” Security National’s 1st Quarter —  Memorial segment has revenue rise, but earnings decrease Two thoughts on the changing face of funeral service “Decision Fatigue”. . .do you put your client families […]

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Funeral Director Daily’s Most Read Articles in the past 30 days.

My how time flies by.  It seems like I just posted last month’s most read stories.  Anyway, in case you missed some of our top articles here’s what our readers found most interesting over the time period from April 15 to May 15. Another new concept. . Can it catch on. Wilbert, Park Lawn make acquisitions. Cemeteries, funeral homes looking for the perfect acquisition, we may have it. Warren Buffet on “How to beat inflation”. . .It will work for […]

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A little discussion with the guys at Funeral Nation

Here is Funeral Nation Episode #248 where I join anchors Ryan Thogmartin and Jeff “The Funeral Commander” Harbeson for a short discussion of all things Death Care. In a short 12 minutes Ryan, Jeff, and I cover a variety of topics including the real disconnect between what some consumers think they are getting with certain death care services and what funeral homes believe that the consumer is purchasing.  We conclude that getting on the “Same Page” would be good for […]

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Loewen movie article tops last 30 days readership

Evidently the readers of Funeral Director Daily are enamored with the Oscars and what will be the best movie of 2023 or they are interested in the story of Canadian funeral home executive Ray Loewen and his quest in building a very large public company.  Our top rated article for the past 30 days was one involving the announcement of the filming of the movie based on Loewen’s downfall currently titled, “The Burial” which is expected to be out for […]

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Our Top read stories of the last 30 days

As has become our custom, in an effort that our readers don’t miss the most popular stories published on Funeral Director Daily, we re-cap them in this format for you.  This month those stories include a look back in time at the Tri-State Crematory incident as well as a look right here in the present on how some of the public company’s in the death care business fared in 2021. . . . Here’s those stories. Our most read stories […]

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Thank You for 2021!

I wanted to make sure that my last post of the year was a Thank You to the many readers and sponsors of Funeral Director Daily.  This venture started five years ago as a periodic article to relate my experiences as a funeral director and, hopefully, relate those experiences to mentor others in the profession.  The exercise continues to be a learning experience for me as I research potential articles each day. I’m also very flattered to know that people […]