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Weekend Edition: Mushroom coffin, venture funded start-ups, Co-op Funeral reports

As we head into what we hope is a terrific Fall weekend Funeral Director Daily brings you three features as well as other articles on the world of death care. Our features include an article, that you can read here, about the Netherlands and the first person put in a “Mushroom Coffin” last week that is designed to turn the body into compost.  The “Living Cocoon, as inventor Bob Henrikx calls it, is designed as the first living coffin and, […]


A co-op funeral home defying the odds

Co-operative businesses were once very common place in America.  Especially in rural, agricultural America where co-operatives came together with dairy farmers banding together to produce milk products such as cheese and cream for the member farmers, or for area residents to co-operate to bring electricity to far flung farms, or for a mutual benefit society to co-operate with premium payments pooling to guard against a home or farm fire of one of the members. In the death care business, even […]