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Three funeral directors, three stories, three ambassadors to the profession

Funeral directors come with all kinds of interests and backgrounds.  What makes them so interesting is the diverse backgrounds, cultures, and interests that are found among them. But the good ones all have the commonality of becoming ambassadors for the profession simply by plying their trade to humanity. Today, Funeral Director Daily tells you about one gentleman selected as the American Funeral Director of the Year by one publication, of an Irish lady who vied to become the wholistic ambassador […]


In the Navy . . . . . .

Where you can find pleasure Search the world for treasure Learn science technology Where you can begin to make all of your dreams come true . . . In the Navy!! If you were my vintage and attended college in the late 1970’s you would recognize those words as the 1979 musical hit from The Village People entitled “In the Navy”. I’m not trying to relive my college years here but I thought of the song after reading this article […]


From the Hall of Fame to Home Removals

You can read a recent article from the Miami Sun Sentinel here that catches up with former Montreal Expo, Chicago Cub, Boston Red Sox, and Miami Marlins outfielder Andre Dawson.  The article explains that when the new ownership group of the Marlins, which includes Derek Jeter, took over the Marlins they jettisoned Dawson from the front office in a money saving move.. Dawson, inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2010, who had previously been involved as an ownership […]