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The Decline of the Church. . and What it means for Death Care

The lead article in yesterday’s Sunday Minneapolis Star Tribune was entitled, “As Churches Close, a Way of Life Fades”.  It is an excellent article on the path our nation, and by the graph I’ve put with this article, other nations are heading with church membership.  You can read the article here. Funeral Director Daily take:  While the article has no funeral or death care related topics to it, as I was reading it I kept on wondering “What does this […]


Park Lawn makes British Columbia Purchases

In a news release provided by Park Lawn Corporation that you can read here, the company announced on July 5, 2018, that they are purchasing the Hanson Arbor Funeral Chapels in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia.  The purchase will bring four funeral homes and a crematorium into the Park Lawn family. The release also stated that the purchase price was within Park Lawn’s publicly stated targeted EBITDA range. The release also states that Park Lawn Corporation and its subsidiaries […]


InvoCare Continues Purchase Pattern

InvoCare, Australia’s leading national provider of funerals and cremations, announced earlier this week that it will continue to build its regional markets.  They did so in the New South Wales/Victorian border area by purchasing the Lester and Son Mortuary.  You can read a clip on the acquisition here. The purchase includes two fully equipped funeral homes and a separate crematorium. Lester and Son is considered the leading mortuary in the area and is said to handle the remains of about […]


StoneMor Partners Continues Moving Forward

Last week cemetery and funeral home consolidator StoneMor Partners issued press releases regarding their company.  In essence the releases shared the following information: Release of Preliminary Unaudited 2017 Full Year Financials The appointment of a new CEO for the company, Mr. Joe Redling The establishment of a committee to look into the possibility of changing the company from a Master Limited Partnership to a “C” Corporation You can read the press release pertaining to the 2017 financials here.  Here are […]


Goatscaping Coming to a Cemetery near You

The United States is at what some may term full capacity employment and with that comes the high price of labor.  As a matter of fact, some municipalities have instituted a $15 per hour minimum labor rule.  So, what happens if you have a cemetery to maintain and limited funds for capital equipment or just can’t afford the $15 per hour minimum wage rule? Laurel Grove North Cemetery in Savannah, Georgia, is launching a pilot program that you can read […]


What Price is Too High?

I was driving into a board meeting on Monday and listening to one of the business channels on Sirius Radio.  The topic that came up and was being discussed was the potential acquisition of Fox by either Disney or Comcast.  As you may know, Fox  was given an acquisition offer by Disney last December at about $52 billion.  Just recently Comcast entered the fray and offered about $65 billion for the company.  The stockholders of Fox have yet to respond […]


Suggestions or Coercion?

Late last Wednesday a jury in Montana issued a verdict against a Montana funeral home for coercing a widow client into pursuing a cremation for her husband against his “final wishes” for earth burial.  You can read about the case in the Great Falls Tribune here. According to the article, Robert Yeager, age 64 died on October 7, 2012.  According to court records, as mentioned in the article, Mr. Yeager’s death caused a bloating of the body, splitting skin, building […]


InvoCare adds two heritage funeral homes in New Zealand

InvoCare Limited, the market leading funeral home firm in Australia, announced Friday that it will be closing on two acquisitions from the South Island of New Zealand on June 22.  You can read a clip about this from Motley Fool Australia here. The company will acquire Hope and Sons Funeral Directors in Dunedin and  Whitestone Funerals in Oamaru.  According to the article, Hope and Sons has been in business for 130 years and is in its fifth generation of ownership.  […]


The Staffing Dilemma

There is no doubt that staffing at funeral homes across North America is an issue and up for much debate on how it is done.  I recently ran into an article from Great Britain that was published in Wales Online, and which you can read here. The article is very interesting and concerns the company Co-operative Funeralcare.  The article touches on the need for less funeral directors by the company, but, according to the article, not to save money, but […]


Can a Celebrant on Staff Increase Revenue

Over the weekend I read a couple of articles on different subjects that brought me to the question, “Can a funeral/memorial celebrant on staff increase revenues?”  You might be wondering how I got to that question or even why I might ask it.  Let me explain. I first came across an article on church attendance in America.  After reading it and finding it interesting I looked for and found some other articles on the subject just to argue or reinforce […]