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Afternoon Edition

Everybody’s reading Funeral Director Daily. . .here’s our top read stories of the past month

With almost 2,800 daily subscribers and about 13,000 page views every 30 days, there is no doubt that lots of death care professionals are reading Funeral Director Daily.  Stories that range from grief to employment issues to business articles means that over 30 days there is something of interest for everybody. Here are the articles that garnered the most views during the time period of June 15 to July 15. . . If you missed one of these articles make […]


Rookie, Leader, Mentor

So, today’s article is a little different.  It’s not necessarily about death care or the funeral business.  You see, last week I had a birthday. . . and having that birthday gave me time for reflection.  I’ve been able to reflect on my life in the funeral business. . . . from entering college to starting out to owning and operating a funeral home and finally to where I am today — mentoring those who see funeral service as a […]


Funeral Director Daily readership keeps rising

Funeral Director Daily continues its rise as what is probably the fastest growing readership medium in the death care profession.  For the past six months, since April 2019, readership has grown 64% — or an average of 10.67% per month.  And, we believe that when statistics are in for November, Funeral Director Daily will be showing an even more rapid increase in readership. As a matter of fact, readership has grown an incredible 6 times what it was only two […]


Thanks for Reading!!

Last week Funeral Director Daily passed the 500 subscriber mark for e-mails sent daily to regular readers.  Thanks for signing up.  All growth has been organic and now, since I’ve learned how to use Google and other search engines we are growing by about 1% per week.  When you consider we had about 8 readers for the first six months while I was learning the networking of attracting and holding readers, that is pretty impressive. How We Started:  Since I […]


Thanks for Reading — Up to 200 Readers

After a couple months of testing posts, with a small audience of critics,  to see if I liked doing this I turned the site over to Twitter, Facebook, and Google to try to reach new readers.  Since then, we have been growing in readership organically at about 1.5 – 2% daily.  Thanks for joining up. Funeral service has been my life’s work and I really loved helping people and operating a profitable business at the same time.  I made a […]