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Cleaning out for Christmas

With the Christmas holiday coming up this weekend Funeral Director Daily will not be publishing on Thursday or Friday of this week.  As usual, there is plenty in our industry to tell you about, but with the limited days and multiple stories we thought we would just use this afternoon to give you some teasers on articles that you may look up yourself. First of all, we bring you this information from Adidas. . even though there is no article […]


More timely information for funeral service

Yesterday while I was sheltering in place I was able to watch and be informed from two webcasts in the funeral industry.  We know at Funeral Director Daily that we can use our subscription power – and your help in passing along the information – to get the word out on best practices in the industry during the COVID-19 situation. I was pleasantly surprised on both the technical quality and the knowledge quality from the webcasts I watched.  One was […]