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Funeral homes as “anchors of their communities”

The Anderson Funeral Home of which I was a 4th generation owner/operator has been in our community since 1872.  Dates sometimes go over our heads, but I used to like to remind people that we were in our 5th year of business when the historic “Battle of Little Big Horn” was fought and Gen. George Armstrong Custer met his demise.  Usually, that little bit of historic reference gives a better idea of how long we have been operating in our […]


From Scandinavia to here

Excuse me for doing a little reminiscing today, but today (July 16) would be my father’s 101st birthday.  I lost my father to a sudden heart attack – while he was servicing a funeral – on Easter weekend 1977, 42 years ago, when I was a teenager.  Life has certainly moved forward since then, but it is days like this when I get nostalgic and look back at what was. And, I will find time today to stop by Dad’s […]


So you thought your firm had a long history

Many of us are pretty proud, and rightfully so, that we have helped families in our communities cope with the death of a loved one for over 100 years and maybe are into our 3rd, 4th, or 5th generation of family service.  Funeral service is a noble profession and one that those of us who seem to thrive on being caretakers enjoy keeping in our family. Just the other day I came across this article on family business success in […]