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A new world of death care start ups

Earlier in July Funeral Director Daily featured an article entitled, “Does death care have a consumer influencer?”  The article pertained to our profession and wondered out loud if death care had someone that was able to “influence” consumers as to their choice of death care.  That “influencer group” is in a lot of other industries and the article questioned who influences death care. And, we all know that the death care consumer will – and already is – evolving in […]


Where does “End of Life” occupation fit?

I was looking for material for an idea for a daily blog post the other day and noticed a headline from a publication called The Vermont Cynic.  The headline read “Comedians talk death and perform live”.  Interesting and witty with their headline I dug into reading the article which you can read here. As I read the article it mentioned “Death Talks” that are held monthly and open to the public at the Lamp Club Light Shop — I’m guessing […]