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Cremation Regulations

Indiana funeral directors deal with double whammy. . . .COVID deaths and new death certificate system

Have you ever been really, really busy and then as you try to get something done, nothing seems to work correctly?  It seems like that happens to me a lot.  Well, it is happening to our colleagues in the state of Indiana where they have recently surpassed the 8,200 number of deaths from COVID-19. Not only are many funeral directors extremely busy trying to care for the deceased, but also in taking care of the living.  Couple that busy-ness with […]


” . . It’s counter intuitive to my livelihood”

Louisiana funeral director George Charlet has summed up the cautions surrounding this year of COVID-19 deaths when he was faced with the idea of his mother going to a funeral.   He commented on that idea by saying, “I just kind of wish people used more caution and took advantage of writing a condolence letter.   It’s a weird place for me to be.  It’s counterintuitive to my livelihood.” I think that is the paradox many of us in the funeral profession […]


Is your funeral home Zooming in or zooming out of consumer preference

Probably more so than I can ever remember, funeral directors, funeral homes, and the North American funeral is being written about in 2020.  And, in general, the topics seem to be all related to the COVID-19 pandemic.  It seems to me that the topics are funeral homes being extremely busy, families dealing with death without being present, or the technology wave coming increasingly rapid to a historically slow changing profession. And, it seems that these three topics all are woven […]


Hillenbrand reports. . . Batesville segment shows strong results

Hillenbrand Industries, parent company of Batesville Casket Company, reported their July through September numbers – which happen to be their 4th Quarter fiscal year numbers, as well as their Fiscal Year End numbers last week.  Hillenbrand showed record revenues both for the quarter and the year.  You can access their financial report here. However, those numbers are somewhat skewed by the additional revenue during the year provided by the company’s acquisition of Milacron.  If you take away the Milacron acquisition […]


Three ways to support grieving families through a move

  by Lucille Rosetti, TheBereaved.org Moving on after death is never easy. As a funeral home director, you may be all too familiar with how difficult it is for loved ones and family members to escape the emotional effects of grief. Many of your clients may mention moving to a different home as a way to cope with the loss of a loved one, and this can be a personal and powerful decision. While you can’t help your clients make […]


Cemeteries and their problems

Over the last couple of years of writing the daily article for Funeral Director Daily one of my routines is to continuously search for information that might be of interest to those in the funeral, memorial, or what is now being called the “Death Care” space.  In doing so, I have came across many articles, and written about some of them, which deal with problems of cemeteries moving forward. In general, those problems stem from one of two areas.  Number […]


Minnesota – and the rest of the nation – will need funeral directors

I came across this article last week which describes the work of Victor Sweeney as the single funeral director in the rural Minnesota town of Warren.  Sweeney describes what he does and why he loves taking care of people at the time of death. The article also goes into the state of the profession in Minnesota where the mortuary classes at the state’s flagship university are dwindling in size.  Turning that enrollment picture around, as the article states, depends on […]

Business Products Regulations

Recompose sets sights on Colorado

Recompose, the public benefits corporation that is moving the process of recomposition (human composting) into the commercial realm recently held a forum at the Feldman Mortuary in Denver, Colorado.  The forum was used to introduce the idea of recomposition to the Colorado market and also to announce that two Colorado legislators plan to introduce a bill in the next assembly that would legalize the process in the state. According to this article and news story from Channel 4 – CBS […]


Fashion. . . .and the funeral

While this is a little out of the ordinary for Funeral Director Daily, I ran across a couple of articles that deal with fashion and/or fashion for the funeral director this week.  Without much commentary I just thought they might be interesting for you to read. . . The first is a letter to Dear Abby about fashion and the funeral and Abby’s reply might surprise you, but it will make you think twice the next time that you judge […]