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Moving into niche death care

Today’s Funeral Director Daily feature will have a decidedly Minnesota bent to it.  We are going to tell you of Angela Woosley, a mortician and recently a senior teaching specialist at the University of Minnesota who has decided to leave the academic world and pursue her own business that will provide alternative end-of-life options for clients, legacy project planning, and planning for in-home vigils and funerals. And, we will tell you a little bit about the state’s readiness when it […]


Where does “End of Life” occupation fit?

I was looking for material for an idea for a daily blog post the other day and noticed a headline from a publication called The Vermont Cynic.  The headline read “Comedians talk death and perform live”.  Interesting and witty with their headline I dug into reading the article which you can read here. As I read the article it mentioned “Death Talks” that are held monthly and open to the public at the Lamp Club Light Shop — I’m guessing […]