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Goings on in the independent funeral home world

Sometimes I can get going about a subject and give you my opinion before you have even had a chance to read the article and form an opinion on your own.  Like everybody, my experiences that I have lived slant the opinions that I profess. And, while I grew up and operated as a 4th generation funeral director in a family firm that is now in its 147th year, I like to think that I am not favored to the […]


Foundation Partners adds another Colorado location

The state of Colorado has been a hotbed of funeral home and crematory acquisitions in the last couple of years.  Many of  the larger players in the death care space, Service Corporation International, Park Lawn Corporation, and Foundation Partners Group, have all made acquisitions in the state during that time frame. It was announced on Monday that Foundation Partners Group was making another acquisition in the state when a press release, that you can read here, was released by the […]


When to hold ’em, when to fold ’em and the acquisition movement

Last week I read this article from the Minneapolis Star Tribune focused on the Fortune 500 company, General Mills.  General Mills is a Minneapolis based company – and has been for a long time – which leads to much media coverage for them in the state of Minnesota.  The article pertained to the fact that General Mills has had a rebound in stock price and the article credits it to the company’s “pivot” in strategy at just the right time. […]

Business Regulations

“Charging like raging bulls”

Australian funeral customer Jane Sinclair has created a little bit of a stir down under by calling for more transparency in the way that client families are charged for funeral services.  Ms. Sinclair, according to this article from ABC Australia, complained months after the services were performed for her mother.  She is quoted as saying in the article, “My feeling is the only way around it (price transparency) is some sort of regulation, some sort of consumer protection to stop […]


Casket companies report sales . . .the slide continues

Earlier in May both of America’s leading casket companies reported their 2019 fiscal year 2nd quarter financials.  Those companies, Hillenbrand, which is the parent company of Batesville Casket Company, and Matthews International, which is the parent company of Aurora Casket Company, reported declining sales of caskets.  You can see Hillenbrand’s 2Q report here and you can see Matthews International’s 2Q report here. Here are some of the things that were reported on Hillenbrand: Hillenbrand had revenue of $465 million for […]


InvoCare to raise $65 million

Australian public company funeral services provider InvoCare announced over the weekend that they successfully completed an underwritten institutional placement of A $65 million (about $US 46 million).  You can read about and see a news clip from the Australia Finance News Network here. InvoCare says that the capital raise will be applied to their strategic growth initiative.  The company also says it is excited by its growth outlook and its Regional Growth Strategy. Funeral Director Daily take:  We think that […]


News to start the Week

It’s Monday morning and I thought I would bring you some news that hit the wire over the weekend.  Nothing new about this news. . . if anything it continues to reinforce the facts that cremation is increasing, people are still paranoid about funeral homes, and less caskets are being sold in America. Here’s is what we are bringing you and giving you the option of just clicking thru to the article to learn more. . . Residents of Portlandville […]


Security National announces acquisition

In a release from Globe Newswire that you can read here, Security National Financial Corporation’s wholly owned subsidiary, Memorial Mortuaries and Cemeteries, announced the acquisition of two funeral homes in Utah.  Security National Financial Corporation is a Utah based public company and is engaged in three business segments — life insurance, cemetery and mortuary, and mortgage loans.  They are also engaged in the pre-need selling of funeral, cemetery, mortuary,and cremation services in the Utah and California markets. The acquisition of […]


A First for Memphis

After Life Mortuary Services opened last October and according to this article from the Memphis Commercial Appeal it is believed to be the first Memphis mortuary service to be owned and operated by black women.  According to co-owner Dana Taylor, “It’s probably because it’s been a male-dominant field, and it’s been that way for years.  I think that is what probably deterred a lot of women from pursuing this as a career or opening a business.” Turns out the Taylor […]


Matthews reports 1st Qtr 2019. . . . Memorialization segment increases sales

On January 31 Matthews International, parent company of Matthews Cremation and Aurora Casket, reported its first quarter of fiscal year 2019 which covers the period of October 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018.  You can read the press release from Matthews here. As a company the consolidated sales totaled $374.2 million as compared to $369.5 million for the same period one year ago.  Cash flow from operations was reported as higher than one year ago.  The Memorialization segment of the […]