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The move to “Pre-Emptive” marketing

When you look to the past of funeral home marketing it is pretty accurate to say that many funeral homes “Got their names out there” and then waited for deaths to happen.  When I started in the business, our industry was as far from “Pre-Emptive” marketing as any industry. . . it’s just the way it worked. We didn’t want to wish bad things on to our future clients.  It just did not feel right to say, “When you die, […]


The Funeral of a Clown

Much like our funeral home, most funeral homes have an aftercare project where they help those widowed people in the community blend back into life in what I call a “new normal”.  Part of that service is helping these people socialize and might entail, something like we do many times annually, loading onto a bus to go to play, sporting event, or some other event some distance away. Well, Michigan funeral director Joe Pray is taking that one step farther […]