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Service Corporation reports 2nd quarter. . . cemetery preneed impressive

North America’s largest public purveyor of death care services, Service Corporation International (SCI), released its 2nd Quarter 2020 results on Wednesday.  In a nutshell, they produced somewhat better than what was expected results in this COVID-19 environment.  You can read their full 2Q 2020 report here. SCI reported revenues for the quarter of $820 million as compared to the same quarter in 2019 when they reported revenues of $812.6 million. On that revenue the company produced $182.3 million in operating […]


Being Careful with Cremation

With cremation as a choice of disposition gaining acceptance and practice across the United States it stands to reason that funeral homes and crematory operators don’t just get into “a routine” without checking all of the boxes prior to the actual cremation.  Since cremation is irreversible, it behooves us as a profession to get it done right. . . every time. When we installed a crematory into our funeral home in 2006 I put into place a cremation checklist which […]