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Parting Stone keeps moving forward

It is not everyday that a new category for the consumer to choose from comes along.  A new category has to be so unique that while it may have other ideas to compete with it, it is somewhat all by itself in the product or service it offers to the consumer. What is interesting is that after so many years of watching the death care space provide basic options in the earth burial and cremation consumer categories with very little […]


Judge overturns crematory variance, what’s coming up in our profession

Today’s afternoon edition tells of a Dayton, Ohio, decision by a judge that overturns a variance needed to operate a crematory.  Funeral Director Daily will also give you news of a large funeral home acquisition of six Ohio mortuaries.  Finally, we’ve got some other stories and a listing of some of the events for learning coming up over the next couple of weeks in our profession. News from the world of Death Care: Judge:  Dayton crematory should not have been […]


Outside the box. . or Vertical/Horizontal?

Many people talk of taking their business “Outside the Box” to find new creative ways to generate more revenue and build their business enterprise.  I’m certainly no MBA guy in Business or Finance. . .  but, more or less I’ve been involved in business for about 50 years since I had my first paper route.  I don’t have a degree in any business related field, but I’ve owned about eight businesses, invested in others,  have chaired health care concerns with […]

Cemetery Cremation

Columbarium conundrum

The realization that  57% of cremated remains are not accounted for by means whereas the deceased can be memorialized into the future has caused some church communities to wonder if their ministry can help address the needs of the community that would lower this number.  According to this article in the Rancho Santa Fe Review, 35% of cremated remains are buried at a cemetery and about 8% are placed in columbariums.  The remaining 57% are returned to the family or […]

Cemetery Cremation

Cape Town appeals for cremations

On Monday we brought you an article featuring the Church of Greece telling its parishioners that they would be denied a church service if they choose cremation over the long traditional custom of earth burial.  Today, we bring you this article which deals with the topic of the City of Cape Town, South Africa, appealing for its residents to choose cremation over the traditional earth burial custom. As you might expect, the Cape Town appeal comes from a virtual lack […]


Carriage makes big acquisition, announces new President/COO

Carriage Services, the Houston based funeral home and cemetery operator made a big announcement after business hours on Monday.  The company issued a press release which highlighted not only the acquisition of, what they say in the release is the largest by a combined revenue definition, acquisition in their 28-year history, but also announced personnel additions as well. In the release which you can read here, Carriage Services announced the acquisition of the Fairfax Memorial Park and Funeral Home in […]


InvoCare accused of billing irregularities

  Australia’s largest purveyor of death care services, InvoCare, has been accused by some of irregularities in the way that it handles its invoicing.  According to this article from Choice.com,  InvoCare routinely includes a $320, plus taxes, “administration fee” on invoices. Again, according to the Choice.com article, the administration fee functions somewhat as a “late fee”.  For instance, if you pay the invoice in full within 21 days you can then deduct the administration fee.  However, when you pay the […]


StoneMor Partners reports 3rd Quarter

StoneMor Partners L.P. reported their 3rd Quarter and 9-month 2019 numbers last week and with it showed significant progress in their attempt at a transformational turnaround of the company.  In brief, StoneMor reported that revenues are stabilizing, that they are cutting recurring expenses, and that they have made progress on a divestiture process that will, more than likely, make their company smaller and more focused. You can see a copy of the report here. From the operations side of the […]


Carriage Services announces Buffalo, New York acquisition

Carriage Services, the public company death care consolidator and operator based out of Houston, Texas, announced last week that they had made a major acquisition in the Buffalo, New York, market.  In this press release you can read from Yahoo Finance, the company announced that they had acquired the four locations of the Lombardo Funeral Homes in the Buffalo market. According to the release, the firm is a 3rd generation firm, operated since 1984 by Joseph P. Lombardo, the grandson […]


July numbers show Funeral Director Daily keeps increasing readership, viewership

We want to continue to thank our loyal readers for making Funeral Director Daily what we believe is the fastest growing informational format for the death care industry read today.  Our readership increased for the 3rd consecutive month — and for July 2019 from June 2019 we saw an increase of 6.8% of daily views.  Thanks!! We have also pushed our subscriber base to over 850 subscribers!  Thanks again. Going back a year we have a 102.2% increase from our […]