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Cremation Products

Cremation. . .Greek church opposition. . . a couple new products

We will start off our December writings going to the subject of cremation.  Over the long holiday weekend we noticed a couple of articles that we found interesting.  We will bring you some information from Greece and a couple of cremation products that have their origin in Japan. As you know, from this article that Funeral Director Daily brought you last month, the first crematoriums in Greece started operating just this year. This article from The Greek Reporter caught our […]


What do you see on the Horizon?

The other day a funeral service professional asked me, “What do you see on the horizon for funeral service?”  Since I have not put out any predictions for over a year I thought I would just give an answer on what comes to mind first for me.  Instead of a long, thought out answer sometimes it is just a good exercise to say what comes to your mind first. So, here I go.  And one of the things that sticks […]

Business Cremation

Cremation – What’s Next in the Market?

The Cremation Association of North America just wrapped up its weeklong gathering of cremation professionals at CANA2018.  While I did not attend, I have kept up with some of the issues that were discussed and saw a quote come out of the convention that I wanted to discuss further. The quote I am referring to was attributed to Jason Engler, CANA Historian, and is the following, “The selling point of cremation has evolved over 100 years from sanitation to aesthetics […]


Who is Your Target Customer and What do They Want?

I posted an article yesterday that showed that even when you think you are an asset-based or value customer you can also be, at some times in some situations, an experiential customer.  By experiential customer I mean that you, as a customer, will pay more for something because you value the experience that it gives you. When I think about my career in funeral service – and I was probably successful in spite of myself because of the times I […]