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Death care, change, transparency, and the consumer perspective

By Funeral Director Daily / December 7, 2020 /

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to read two different articles with two different perspectives of the death care business.  One article brought out criticisms of our professions that some in the consumer world have held since the days of Jessica Mitford and her 1963 book entitled “The American Way of Death”.  That article,…

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From the investment community: U.S. funeral costs, Australia funeral trends

By Funeral Director Daily / May 1, 2020 /

To roll into the weekend we thought we would give you some food for thought in the funeral industry from almost 10,000 miles apart.  Our articles today come from the investment community in both the United States and Australia.  Both are good, well thought out articles that deal with the world of death care in…

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“Charging like raging bulls”

By Funeral Director Daily / June 10, 2019 /

Australian funeral customer Jane Sinclair has created a little bit of a stir down under by calling for more transparency in the way that client families are charged for funeral services.  Ms. Sinclair, according to this article from ABC Australia, complained months after the services were performed for her mother.  She is quoted as saying…

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The Revenue Drop

By Funeral Director Daily / October 30, 2018 /

While I did not attend the recent National Funeral Director’s Association gathering in Salt Lake City, I recently visited with an attendee about the gathering.  One of the things that this veteran funeral director told me was that he cannot remember a time when so many traditional funeral home owners talked about revenue declines and…

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An Idea for Cremation Pricing

By Funeral Director Daily / September 13, 2018 /

Yesterday we published an article dealing with the on going price wars for “Simple” cremation in the United Kingdom.  It made me wonder about the different pricing methods used by full service funeral establishments in dealing with their cremation clients. For the sake of our discussion, in this article, we are dealing with those full…

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The Pricing Conundrum

By Funeral Director Daily / February 8, 2018 /

There is no doubt that in any business the pricing of the product or service must work on at least two levels.  The first level being that the price is appropriate enough to draw the customer to – or at least not drive the customer away – from the business.  This would be known as…

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Small Funeral Homes and Being Bold in Cremation Pricing – Part 2

By Funeral Director Daily / December 14, 2017 /

Yesterday I mentioned that for small funeral homes more than 75 miles from a major metropolitan area it would be wise to be bold in pricing of cremation services.  I mentioned that if you are that far away from a large metropolitan area families in your service area will feel comfortable using your firm –…

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Small Funeral Homes and Being Bold in Cremation Pricing – Part 1

By Funeral Director Daily / December 13, 2017 /

It’s Sunday morning and I’ve just read the Minneapolis Tribune and, as I always do, perused the obituary section to not only see the obituaries but also to look at the death care related ads in it.  Last evening I was looking to book airfare for a winter trip for my wife and I –…

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