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Parting Stone keeps moving forward

It is not everyday that a new category for the consumer to choose from comes along.  A new category has to be so unique that while it may have other ideas to compete with it, it is somewhat all by itself in the product or service it offers to the consumer. What is interesting is that after so many years of watching the death care space provide basic options in the earth burial and cremation consumer categories with very little […]

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New product – Parting Stone – wins award

Just yesterday Funeral Director Daily featured an article about staying positive about changes that come within the industry.  We wrote about changes in funeral service over the last 150 years and how figuring out how you can enhance your service with those changes is what keeps funeral homes relevant to death care consumers. Today, we are introducing you to a new product for the cremation industry.  That product is Parting Stone.  Here’s how Parting Stone describes itself in a press […]


Meet the “Glam Reaper”

Many of the nicest people I know work in the funeral profession.  And, an interesting thing about some of those people is listening to the stories of how they got into the profession.  I’ve talked to people who were medics in the army, drove ambulance, or worked as nurses who all saw the the compassion that funeral directors exhibited and it moved them to join the profession. Today, I want to introduce you to Ms. Jennifer Muldowney.  Ms. Muldowney, in […]

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What’s Your Protocol?

When I first started making funeral arrangements it was in the day of over 90% earth burials in my community.  I remember many times when making the removal of the deceased at the nursing home, hospital, or private residence that the next of kin would say to me, “When do we come in to pick out the casket?”  We all know that when families come in for arrangements it was for much more than “picking out a casket”, however, that […]