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Afternoon Edition

Afternoon Edition: Counties feeling the pressure to help with cremation costs

Today’s Afternoon Edition will bring you some stories of American counties that are grappling with how to pay for increased requests for financial assistance for families that indicate that they need help in paying minimum cremation costs.  We have one story from WFTS in Tampa Bay, Florida, that is very typical in telling that requests for that type of assistance in Hillsborough County and Pasco County are up between 35-40% on the year.  One official from Hillsborough County tells the […]

Business Regulations

Are we failing our families?

This is a really difficult topic, but one that needs to be thought about.  This article, entitled “Lack of collective mourning shows way pandemic has altered grief“, appeared in Sunday’s Minneapolis Star Tribune.  It is thought provoking and gets to the essence of why modern funeral directors exist — to care for the living. It is a difficult subject and one that is hard to throw any blame at the death care industry because we are only following the rules […]


Will the “re-opening” of America move the needle on funeral home revenue?

Last week has had a lot of COVID world firsts for me.  Let’s see, I left my county for the first time since March, albeit about one block south of the county line to attend a hybrid graduation party.  I also ate inside a restaurant on Wednesday for the first time since March when one of my friends and I went to one of our 25% capacity restaurants for lunch.  And, on Friday I participated in a Zoom meeting where […]


The world post-COVID

Shortly after the New Year’s bell rang my wife, Angie, and I headed out for one of the joys of retirement. . . extended time in a warm weather location that serves the purpose of shortening what can be fierce Minnesota winters for us.  One of our favorite locations is Hawaii and we left for there probably not having heard as yet of the coronavirus or what is now known as COVID-19. We enjoyed our time in Hawaii and while […]