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Cremation Regulations

Air quality limits lifted in Los Angeles County

Citing “a threat to public health” the South Coast Air Quality Management District relaxed rules pertaining to cremation in Los Angeles County last week.  The ruling, according to this article from National Public Radio, will lift limits on the number of cremations that can be conducted monthly by crematory operators. An official for the agency was quoted as saying, “The current rate of death is more than double that of pre-pandemic years, leading to hospitals, funeral homes, and crematoriums exceeding […]

Business Regulations

What is the proper storage protocol in a pandemic

Over the last few days and weeks we have seen a surge in COVID related deaths in areas that had not necessarily had a surge in them yet.  Over the course of the past ten months we have seen peaks and valleys in different localities during the course of this pandemic.  We’ve also seen recent articles on how funeral homes are handling the surge in cases as they sometimes multiply to 3, 4, or even five times their normal rates […]

Business Regulations

United States passes 3 million deaths in 2020. . . first time ever

The Associated Press recently reported in this article that the United States will, for the first time ever, pass the 3 million mark in actual deaths recorded in a single calendar year.  And, in what is not a surprise to anybody in the country in this COVID-19 year, the number of deaths will be an approximately 15% increase in the number of deaths from 2019. While those numbers don’t surprise anybody there is a lot to learn from this article […]

Afternoon Edition

Potential COVID surge has states thinking death care, state budget surprises

Last week you could not turn on the news without hearing of the potential for the COVID-19 virus to spread rapidly because of Thanksgiving and other upcoming holiday travel.  We found a couple of articles pertaining to states and how they may handle the number of deceased bodies that may come with that potential surge. In Minnesota, the Governor has purchased a cold storage warehouse to help out state funeral directors and in New York, the state is looking at […]


Revisiting Clive

When I was just getting going on writing an occasional blog article back in May 2017 – about three years to the day from today – I was fascinated with a young man from County Cork Ireland who grew up wanting to be a funeral director.  As it turned out, circumstances worked out so that at age 31 Clive Anderson became owner of a funeral home in Pelham, New York, that catered to those of Irish descent.  You can read […]