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Earnings Week is Here

I’ve told readers many times that while I owned and operated a small funeral home – one that grew from 140 calls to about 325 calls – I always learned by reading and watching what the “Big Boys” in our industry were up to.  That meant, over the years, buying some stock and reading annual reports on Service Corporation International, Carriage Services, Stewart Enterprises, The Loewen Group, Hillenbrand Industries, and other public companies that came and went in the industry. […]


The Decline of the Church. . and What it means for Death Care

The lead article in yesterday’s Sunday Minneapolis Star Tribune was entitled, “As Churches Close, a Way of Life Fades”.  It is an excellent article on the path our nation, and by the graph I’ve put with this article, other nations are heading with church membership.  You can read the article here. Funeral Director Daily take:  While the article has no funeral or death care related topics to it, as I was reading it I kept on wondering “What does this […]


Distance from major city forces cremation prices Higher

Over the weekend I read an interesting article from the British publication Moneywise, which you can read here.  The article was titled, “Cremation monopoly force prices Up” and deals with, what I would call cremation prices outside of a major metro area. For the sake of this discussion, I believe that the definition of cremation used would be as follows, “a direct cremation is when the deceased is cremated shortly after death with no family members or friends present.  The […]


Funeral Homes expand services to find New Revenue and Brand Loyalty

We recently came across a couple of brief articles pertaining to existing funeral homes making additions to their operation in order to add new revenue. The first of these articles is from the Hastings (Minnesota) Star Gazette and you can find it here.  It pertains to the Ellis Funeral Home of Hastings breaking ground for a new crematory being added to their funeral home so that they will not have to use a non-owned off-site crematory for those families that […]


What Price is Too High?

I was driving into a board meeting on Monday and listening to one of the business channels on Sirius Radio.  The topic that came up and was being discussed was the potential acquisition of Fox by either Disney or Comcast.  As you may know, Fox  was given an acquisition offer by Disney last December at about $52 billion.  Just recently Comcast entered the fray and offered about $65 billion for the company.  The stockholders of Fox have yet to respond […]


Mistake Leads Nova Scotia to tighten Funeral Rules

  The Nova Scotia Board of Registration of Embalmers and Funeral Directors issued a report last week calling for their legislature to “ensure that there is a system in place” for the handling of human remains.  The report was prompted by a mix-up at a Nova Scotia funeral home on December 27, 2017, that was “unacceptable” according to the inquiry. You can read an article from the Toronto Star here that describes what happened.  In essence, what happened was that […]


SCI Presents at Raymond James Investor Conference

  Death care industry company Service Corporation International recently presented at the Raymond James 39th Annual Institutional Investors Conference.  I’ve found a  slide deck about their company on Seeking Alpha that you can see here.  It was part of their power point presentation to institutional investors and is an interesting synopsis of the company as to where they are and where they hope to be headed. One of the interesting slides I noticed showed the market share of services in […]


The Growing Numbers of Women Funeral Directors

I came across an article the other day  on nextavenue.org that you can read here pertaining to the growing number of women who are entering the funeral director field.  The article focused on funeral director Jan Smith of Indianapolis who attended mortuary school in the 1990s.  Ms. Smith recalls that the number of females in her class was only about 5%. Today, the article states that the National Funeral Director’s Association membership includes 16% of its current membership as female […]


Park Lawn Continues Acquisition Spree

Yesterday Park Lawn Corporation announced another acquisition of a funeral home.  Fresh off the announced purchase of seven cemeteries in New York and New Jersey last week for a combined price of close to $50 million, the Toronto based company announced the purchase of the Billingsley Funeral Home in Huntsville, Ontario. In a press release from Business Insider that you can read here Andrew Clark, Chairman and CEO of Park Lawn Corporation, stated, “Billingsley’s proximity to our existing operations in […]


Two Western State Funeral Homes Face Legal Charges

Two funeral homes, one in Colorado and one in Utah, have been charged with unlawful acts according to articles about the funeral homes that were published recently. Sunset Mesa Funeral Directors of Montrose, Colorado has been issued a cease and desist order from the State of Colorado for “multiple and willful violations of the Mortuary Science Code” according to an article in the Montrose Press that you can read here.  The funeral home also has operated as a body parts […]