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A new idea for permanent memorialization

I would guess it was twenty years ago or about that length of time that I was asked to volunteer as a board member of our community’s largest non-denominational cemetery.  The cemetery was large enough and did enough business that it had a full-time caretaker who took care of sales, provided interment services using cemetery owned equipment, and supervised a small staff of part-time lawn care workers.  The cemetery also had a monument sales representative who worked on commission. Revenue […]


Perceived lack of Death Care transparency leads to winning startup competition

Three University of Washington students recently won the $25,000 grand prize in a start-up competition hosted by the University of Washington’s Foster School Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship.  And, they did so with a pre-launch Death Care start-up they have named AfterLife Listings. Clara Kobashigawa, one of the three students was mentioned in this article from Geek Wire Startups that “the idea originated after her family had to say goodbye to a loved one and was shocked to to see the […]

Cemetery Products

Cemeteries: Do you have the “right” inventory to succeed?

There is an old saying about location, location, location.  However, if you are in the sales business you know you have to have the proper inventory also. We have a lot of subscribers in the cemetery business at Funeral Director Daily.  Some of these subscribers work for the big companies like Service Corporation, Park Lawn, StoneMor, and Carriage Services.  And, a lot of these subscribers operate non-profit community cemeteries, including many funeral directors that sit on the boards of these […]


Cemetery trends continue

One of the things that we have noticed in our two years of searching for articles on the funeral and cemetery professions is that there seems to be no shortage of articles about cemeteries which have been around for a long time but are now, for the first time, experiencing numbing financial stress.  We bring you this article and news video from NBC Los Angeles today that tells that same story about a 112 year old cemetery in Long Beach, […]


Where are the Opportunities?

I spent three days last week at my annual funeral professional/death care professional golf event that I have attended almost every year since first being invited in 1991.  From my count, there are about 130-144 invited guests that enjoy three days with each other in an atmosphere of fellowship and friendship. Most of the talk is friendly banter about our golf game or what our growing (and grown up) kids are up to.  However, inevitably, when you have over a […]


Matthews Posts Record Revenues — Casket Sales Decline

Matthews International issued a press release last Thursday, November 16, reporting on their 4th quarter and 2017 year end results.  It is a report eerily similar to Hillenbrand’s 2017 year end report in that the report was overall excellent but both companies saw sales in their casket units drop.  You can read Matthews press release here. As you may know, Matthews International has three operating segments – SGK Brand Solutions, the Industrial Technologies segment, and the Memorialization segment.  With record […]