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Cemetery Regulations

Will tax revenue play a part in saving city and association cemeteries

We’ve written about the problem before in this forum.  “The problem” being the lack of revenue for historic city and association cemeteries since the country’s cremation rate increased to a majority of dispositions.   The increase in cremations has decreased cemetery sales in full body burial lots and interment fees. . . .as a matter of fact, many cemeteries are worried about being able to pay the upkeep bills just to keep the cemeteries open. In California, as you can see […]

Afternoon Edition

Afternoon Edition: News you can use

Today’s Afternoon Edition features several articles that we found interesting over the MLK holiday weekend.  We’ll leave it to you to see which interest you and your choice of reading. However, there are some interesting articles.  For instance, one article states that some funeral homes in California are actually having to turn away death calls due to the number of COVID-19 deaths they have seen.  Another article that comes to us from Texas gives a perspective on how the Latino […]

Afternoon Edition Cemetery

Afternoon edition. . .heavy on cemetery news

The afternoon edition of Funeral Director Daily weighs heavily with cemetery related news.  Let’s see. . . .we’ve got a name change, a cemetery hoping to receive historical certification, and a cemetery where Action News Troubleshooters tells of a cemetery where it took some time, but eventually, the consumer was taken care of.  Medway Cemetery completes final phase in process toward receiving national historical status.  Milford Daily News (MA) Action News Troubleshooters help widow with husband’s headstone.  WPVA – 6 […]


News from the world of Death Care 6.29.2020

In today’s afternoon edition of Funeral Director Daily we bring you some of the best and worst of the funeral home and cemetery professions as well as an interesting article on the Burial Mounds of Tonga. N’West Iowa funeral homes noted for service.  nwestiowa.com (IA) Former Brownstown, Indiana, funeral home owner admits to stealing  more than $200,000 from clients.  Video and news article.  WDRB.com.  Louisville (KY) Family owned funeral service prides itself on relationships it has built.  Burnaby Now – […]


A funeral business advantage

During my high school summers I worked for a furniture store delivering furniture.  One of the things that I came to realize during that time was the concept of warranties and just how much it mattered in that business. The owner of the furniture store and the sales reps sold furniture not only with the factory warranty but also with their personal warranty that they would “stand behind the product”.  There were products that were defective and the store and […]


Bodies found at the Alamo. . . thefts of bronze vases

The Alamo in St. Antonio, Texas, was the site of the famous “Battle for Texas Independence” back in 1836.  It was a 13-day epic battle with the forces of the Mexican nation and where it is believed that Texas pioneers and frontiersmen Davey Crocket and Jim Bowie met their mortal fate. What many people don’t realize was that the Alamo was a church or a mission on the Texas frontier at the time.  It is in the middle of a […]


Cemetery Turns up at Tax Auction

According to an article in the Abilene Reflector-Chronicle that you can read here, a local cemetery turned up on a list of abandoned properties to be auctioned off in Dickinson County (Kansas).  Once discovered, the property was pulled off the auction and the county applied for tax exempt status – which has been approved – and the cemetery has now become the property and responsibility of Union Township. In this particular instance, the Chalker-Sinclair Cemetery was established in 1889 by […]