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PlotBox recieves capital investment

By Funeral Director Daily / June 13, 2023 /

      PlotBox, in this recent press release, announces that they have received a US$ 6.2 million capital investment from Guiness Ventures and other existing investors.  The press release states that the company,  “Headquartered in Northern Ireland with offices in the United States and Australia, . . . has grown over the last decade…

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Will tax revenue play a part in saving city and association cemeteries

By Funeral Director Daily / April 26, 2022 /

We’ve written about the problem before in this forum.  “The problem” being the lack of revenue for historic city and association cemeteries since the country’s cremation rate increased to a majority of dispositions.   The increase in cremations has decreased cemetery sales in full body burial lots and interment fees. . . .as a matter of…

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