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Australia’s LifeArt Coffins on the Market

The other day I was doing some research for the “Finance” portion of Funeral Director Daily.  I like to search public companies world-wide who compete in the death care space and learn where I might be able to make a good investment for the long haul.  In any regard, I was researching InvoCare Limited, Australia’s largest provider of death care services and learning more about them. While doing that research I came up with a division of InvoCare that I […]

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More on the U.S. Casket Industry

The other day I told you that I had become privy to a report done on the state of the American Casket industry.  We gave out some insights on the industry and both its past decline and its probable future decline in units sold and dollar amounts sold. One of the things that I found very interesting in the report was that the key driver of casket sales was not those people that “want” to buy caskets, but it was […]

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The American Casket Market

I’ve been able to receive a private report from November 2017 on the State of the American Casket Market.  It is an extensive report that goes into who are the players in the industry, what is the market like, who has what percentage of market share, what is the profitability of the industry, and attempts to give a look into the future of where the industry is going. I found the report, and I’ll share parts of it with readers […]