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The Ontario liquid cremation debate

Since February 2018 there has been a moratorium on the installation and licensing of liquid cremation, also known as alkaline hydrolysis or water cremation, in the Canadian province of Ontario.  At this point in time, according to this article from the Ottawa Citizen, the Wartman Funeral Home of Kingston is the only facility in the province licensed to cremate bodies using alkaline hydrolysis.  They operate a “high temperature” alkaline hydrolysis method of the procedure. However, again according to the article, […]


Park Lawn reports ’18 Year End Results

Toronto based funeral industry company Park Lawn Corporation released a press release that you can read here about its 2018 year end performance earlier this week.  As you may know Park Lawn Corporation has grown greatly this year by acquisitions including The Signature Group, CMS Mid-Atlantic, and Citadel Management in the United States as well as incremental unit growth in Canada. We have not seen financial results nor have we had a chance to read the investor transcript so for […]


Nova Scotia looking for funeral advocates

According to this article from the Cape Breton Post, the Nova Scotia, Canada Board of Registration of Embalmers and Funeral Directors is offering two seats on their public board to members of the general public. The board has always been set up with only members from the funeral service profession or members nominated by the funeral service profession.  However,  a cremation mistake that happened in 2017 that you can read about here, came with some public outcry and the public’s […]


Thursday morning news items

We saw a couple news items that were fairly unique as to their content and thought that we would bring our readers both of them today with very little commentary on our part. The first item that we found concerned a funeral home in Nova Scotia, Canada, where the public service is warning against crematoriums offering them services because they are assumed to be an unlicensed funeral home.  Service Nova Scotia, according to the article, “has issued a letter to […]