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Is your firm “Fit” for this new economic environment?

If you follow the stock markets and study them, you might have seen an “Open Letter” that Brad Gerstner, a principal at Altimeter Capital, and stockholder in Meta (formerly Facebook) sent to Meta founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg this week.  You can read the letter here. Gerstner is still a stockholder and apparent fan of Meta.  However, he reminds Zuckerberg that Facebook – now Meta – has existed in a period where we have only had a low interest rate […]


Labor Day: Time for the business year check-up

Labor Day means a lot of different things to many people.  It might mean the end of the Summer, Back-to-School time, the start of football season, or the start of the political campaign season. For me, however, when I ran my funeral business, it was always the funeral home yearly check-up time.  You see, after August 31 we have been through two-thirds of the calendar year and that was a pretty significant amount of time to see how your business […]


We just passed Labor Day. . . time to start planning for next year

When I was in my working and funeral home owning/ managing years Labor Day passed and Angie got the kids off for a new school year and I started the financial planning for the next year at the funeral home.  Yes, the 3rd Quarter was not even completed in the current year and there was almost a full four months left until New Year’s Day, but planning and starting to move on that plan took time. As I have mentioned […]


On looking back. . . and moving forward (Part 2)

We told you yesterday that Carriage Services CEO and Chairman Mel Payne had published a lengthy Letter to Shareholders in early April.   In that letter, that you can access here, he painted what we call a somewhat aspirational future for Carriage Services, after first pointing out how they got to where they are today. Today, we plan to offer our interpretation of how the company is being transformed from one that has about 174 funeral homes doing about 200 calls […]


Business continuity. . . Disaster recovery. . . .are you prepared

For the 33 years that I operated my own funeral home I was a lot like a lot of you out there.  I was so busy dealing with families, making sure that funerals were done correctly, and, just basically, operating the business on a day to day basis that long -range planning sometimes went by the wayside. To be fair, I was pretty good at long-range planning that dealt with budgeting and marketing.  However, there were issues that I probably […]


Being Determined to Stay the Course

Business decisions are generally not made lightly in the death care industry.  The same is true of public relations events put on by funeral homes and cemeteries.  Usually, these types of businesses are very thorough in their thought process so as not to annoy and/or lose a potential customer.  So once you have made a business decision to move one direction or plan a public relations event and then somebody complains to you or the media about such, What do […]