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Cemetery Regulations

Arlington National planning to limit burials

Arlington National Cemetery, our nation’s national cemetery, is somewhat between a rock and a hard place as they plan the future of the cemetery.  I don’t think anybody disagrees with Karen Durham-Aguilera, the cemetery’s executive director when she states, “We want to be open.  We want to have that opportunity for that 5-year-old who’s going to raise their hand one day to serve this great nation. So to be able to do that, we need to plan for our future.” […]


Hillenbrand reports. . . Batesville segment shows strong results

Hillenbrand Industries, parent company of Batesville Casket Company, reported their July through September numbers – which happen to be their 4th Quarter fiscal year numbers, as well as their Fiscal Year End numbers last week.  Hillenbrand showed record revenues both for the quarter and the year.  You can access their financial report here. However, those numbers are somewhat skewed by the additional revenue during the year provided by the company’s acquisition of Milacron.  If you take away the Milacron acquisition […]


Heading into the weekend. . . . .

As we wrap up the week we bring you information on the historical topic of mummification – or as mentioned from an article of Live Science –  that refers to it as the “Lost art of embalming the dead” all the way into the present day with an article from Quartz entitled “COVID-19 has accelerated the trend of cremation over burial”. We also bring you information from the NFDA on how you can receive a certificate as a Certified Cremation […]


What about “Demand”?

On Monday at about the time that the stock market was closing for the day I happened to tune in to CNBC to see what had happened during the day in those markets.  All the talk was about oil prices as the talking heads were busy informing the world, that at this point in human history, we now have too much oil. Who would have ever thought that?  There were times not long ago where oil was priced at over […]


An “Above and Beyond” funeral director

Glen Davis drove school bus in his small Minnesota community for 55 years.  Starting in 1949 he was still driving and finally retired in 2005.  By that time he was driving the grandchildren of those school children he had driven in 1949. And, Glen Davis was like a lot of people small town funeral directors get to know.  Whenever they see their friend the funeral director they say something like, “When I die. . . . . .”  For Davis, […]


InvoCare to “back down” on administrative fee

  An article that you can see here from Choice indicates that Australian funeral market leader InvoCare will back down on an “administrative fee” that is added to all funeral statements.  According to the article, InvoCare’s Keiron Humbler, when asked about the removal of this fee commented, “That’s the plan”. Funeral Director Daily first told our readers of the complaint in this article last November.  In essence, this fee of $320 detractors contend, is a “late fee” added before the […]


The exhumation of Public Enemy #1

Getting an exhumation, once you have the proper paperwork in order would not seem like such a big deal.  As a funeral director I have supervised about a dozen of them over the years.  I never really liked them. . . all were done to simply move the vault from one cemetery to another or within the same cemetery.  None involved removing the deceased from the casket. . . only moving the entire vault, with casket inside, from one grave […]


Washington State legislature to consider Alkaline hydrolysis, recomposition

An article from the Seattle Times that you can read here mentions that the State of Washington currently has only two lawful means of disposition of human remains — burial and cremation.  State Senator Jamie Pedersen intends to ask the legislature to double the number of ways by introducing a bill in the next session that would rewrite the state code to allow alkaline hydrolysis and recomposition. Alkaline hydrolysis is familiar to most and now allowed in several states but […]