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Business Regulations

Congress working to stop “Body Brokers”

It was probably ten years ago when I, as a funeral director, received a phone call from a member of a family whose father was on hospice care.  The family member told me that his father “wanted his body donated to science” and had made arrangements for a private company to help them do that.  He also told me that the company would be calling me to give me advice on how to prepare the body for air cargo shipping […]


Families gather to discuss Sunset Mesa Experiences

In the thirty-five years that I spent as a working funeral director and funeral home owner I learned to truly comprehend the responsibilities that had been given to me by the families that I served and how they truly relied on my guidance to plan and carry out the memorialization wishes that they had for their loved one.  In every case, as do almost all funeral directors I know, I gave honest opinions that were not based on a profit […]