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InvoCare accused of billing irregularities

By Funeral Director Daily / November 29, 2019 /

  Australia’s largest purveyor of death care services, InvoCare, has been accused by some of irregularities in the way that it handles its invoicing.  According to this article from,  InvoCare routinely includes a $320, plus taxes, “administration fee” on invoices. Again, according to the article, the administration fee functions somewhat as a “late…

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InvoCare operating earnings decline

By Funeral Director Daily / August 15, 2019 /

InvoCare Limited, the largest public company in the death care space serving Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore reported half-year earnings which indicate that Operating Earnings after tax dropped 5.2% to AUS $22.3 million from last year’s AUS $23.6 million.  In somewhat of an interesting note, Net Profits increased 97% to AUS $41.4 million because of…

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Australia’s InvoCare makes another acquisition

By Funeral Director Daily / July 22, 2019 /

It was announced last week that the largest provider of death care services in Australia and New Zealand would be making another acquisition. InvoCare announced last week that they would be purchasing Australian Heritage Funerals located in Toowoomba, Queensland.  According to an article and news video you can read and see here, the closing will…

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Australia. . . the harbinger of things to come?

By Funeral Director Daily / June 11, 2019 /

The funeral and cremation profession in Australia is an industry that takes in about US $ 1.12 billion in revenue each year (all amounts in this article have been converted to U.S. values).  That’s only about 7% of the purported industry revenue of $16.3 billion that the United States death care profession reels in, however,…

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Dignity Plc reports fewer services, lower profits

By Funeral Director Daily / May 16, 2019 /

Great Britain’s leading purveyor of death care services reported that for the first 13 weeks of 2019 that they have had fewer services and lower profits than the first quarter of 2018.  In a statement very similar to first quarter United States public death care companies, Service Corporation International and Carriage Services, Dignity Plc said…

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The Director. . . . “Break a leg”

By Funeral Director Daily / April 18, 2019 /

Scott Turnbull is an Australian funeral director who has worked in that occupation for the past 25 years.  In an article that you can read here from the Australian Financial Review  Turnbull states that while some weddings take over a year to plan, funerals are generally planned and executed in one week or less and…

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InvoCare to raise $65 million

By Funeral Director Daily / March 11, 2019 /

Australian public company funeral services provider InvoCare announced over the weekend that they successfully completed an underwritten institutional placement of A $65 million (about $US 46 million).  You can read about and see a news clip from the Australia Finance News Network here. InvoCare says that the capital raise will be applied to their strategic…

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InvoCare stock being shorted

By Funeral Director Daily / December 3, 2018 /

I just saw this article over the weekend and thought I would send it out.  It pertains to the stock of Australian death care leader InvoCare being shorted by many investors.  Being “shorted” means, in basic terms, that many investors believe that the share price will go lower. I thought it interesting in light of…

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InvoCare Continues Purchase Pattern

By Funeral Director Daily / July 6, 2018 /

InvoCare, Australia’s leading national provider of funerals and cremations, announced earlier this week that it will continue to build its regional markets.  They did so in the New South Wales/Victorian border area by purchasing the Lester and Son Mortuary.  You can read a clip on the acquisition here. The purchase includes two fully equipped funeral…

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