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Another start up in Death Tech. . .another player in caskets

I had contact with an industry friend who had just returned from the Cremation Association of North America (CANA) convention last week.  She indicated to me that it was good to get back to an in-person gathering and see old friends.  One of the other things she indicated is that, in her opinion, how the death care profession had changed so fast in the 18-month Covid period we have been in. And, one of those changes is all the new […]

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Matthews increasingly serving the profession. . . . and the living

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette recently published this article on Matthews International entitled “From tombstones to fuel cells, Matthews International wants to leave its mark on clean mobility“.  The article is a great read on Matthews and reminded me that this “quiet company” of funeral service continues to make a difference every day, not only in the death care profession, but to the living as well. Matthews operates in three distinct divisions — one of which they call their Memorialization segment.  The […]


Matthews Memorialization segment shows revenue gains in 3Q 2020

Matthews International, which operates on a fiscal year that begins on October 1 each year, released earnings reports last week.  The company has three operating segments and the one that is of interest to those of us in the death care profession is what Matthews refers to as its “Memorialization Segment”. Matthews Memorialization Segment consists of four divisions which you can learn more about here. Matthews Aurora Funeral Solutions – Caskets, urns, remembrance jewelry Matthews Cemetery Products – Granite memorials […]


Matthews announces investment sale

On Tuesday global death care company Matthews International announced a sale, that was effective on June 26, of a non-controlling ownership interest in a pet cremation services business.  According to this release from Matthews, the company sold its interest for a total of $57.2 million. That $57.2 million was to be paid to Matthews International with $42.2 million in cash and another $15.0 million in preferred stock of the company, which was not named.  Again, according to the release, Matthews […]


Matthews reports year end. . .Memorialization sales increase

Matthews International reported their 4th Quarter and 2019 fiscal Year Sales last week.  The Pittsburgh based public company includes in its portfolio, as one of three business segments, a Memorialization unit that includes Matthews Cremation, Aurora Casket, and Star Granite which are of interest to the death care industry. You can access the Matthews International 4Q and Fiscal 2019 report here. For the 2019 year Matthews International reported sales of $1.54 billion as compared to 2018 total sales of $1.60 […]


Sales, profits drop at Matthews International

Last week Matthews International, a multi-faceted United States public company based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, reported 3rd Quarter results for their fiscal year which will end on September 30.  The 3rd Quarter results are for the period ended June 30 and you can read the Matthews press release about the financial report for the 3rd Quarter here. Of interest to those of us in the death care industry is that Matthews is the parent company of Matthews Cremation, Star Granite and […]


Casket companies report sales . . .the slide continues

Earlier in May both of America’s leading casket companies reported their 2019 fiscal year 2nd quarter financials.  Those companies, Hillenbrand, which is the parent company of Batesville Casket Company, and Matthews International, which is the parent company of Aurora Casket Company, reported declining sales of caskets.  You can see Hillenbrand’s 2Q report here and you can see Matthews International’s 2Q report here. Here are some of the things that were reported on Hillenbrand: Hillenbrand had revenue of $465 million for […]


Matthews — Revenues, Dividend, Stock Price — All up!!

Matthews International, the Pittsburgh based consolidated company with a division in the death care industry that deals with memorials, cremation equipment, caskets, and more, had an interesting Friday after releasing their 4th quarter and year end earnings on Thursday.  You can see a press release of their results here. For the year the company reported record sales of over $1.6 billion, which is an $87 million (5.7%) increase over the previous year.  Matthews accounts on a fiscal year beginning on […]


Matthews Earnings beats Consensus, Memorialization Sales Slip

Matthews International Corporation reported earnings on January 25.  The consolidated company – which operates worldwide in three divisions which includes a division labeled “Memorialization” and includes Matthews Cremation Products and Aurora Casket among others – recorded an increase in sales of over $20 million system-wide for their fiscal year’s 1st Quarter.  They also produced non-GAAP per share earnings of $0.64 per share while analysts had estimated only $ 0.58 per share. It should be mentioned, however, that last years !st […]