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Cemetery Regulations

Arlington National planning to limit burials

Arlington National Cemetery, our nation’s national cemetery, is somewhat between a rock and a hard place as they plan the future of the cemetery.  I don’t think anybody disagrees with Karen Durham-Aguilera, the cemetery’s executive director when she states, “We want to be open.  We want to have that opportunity for that 5-year-old who’s going to raise their hand one day to serve this great nation. So to be able to do that, we need to plan for our future.” […]


News from the World of Death Care – 6.18.2020

In our afternoon update for today in the world of Death Care we bring you artcles that include StoneMor, Inc.’s decision to reject an offer from Axar Capital to purchase all of the outstanding shares of StoneMor and take the company private.  Funeral Director Daily had earlier reported on this potential development in May in an article that you can read here. We also bring you an article from WIBW Channel 13 in Topeka, Kansas, where the Shawnee County Health […]


With space issues looming, Army proposes new rules for eligibility at Arlington

According to this article from the Washington Post, new rules are being proposed on who can be buried at Arlington National Cemetery because of space issues.  In the article, Karen Durham-Aguilera, the cemetery’s executive director states, “Our reality is that we are running out of space.  Without any changes in eligibility we will be full for first burials by the year 2041.  To be able to keep Arlington National Cemetery open and active well into the future. . .we’re going […]


President Trump visits Arlington National Cemetery

On Thursday, and in advance of Memorial Day, President and Mrs. Trump visited the hallowed land of Arlington National Cemetery.  You can read an article about the visit here.  The visit was held ahead of the traditional Memorial Day visit as today (Friday) the President will be leaving for Japan on our country’s business. Arlington National Cemetery is the resting place for over 400,000 who served in the United States military service. In my opinion, the President’s annual pilgrimage to […]