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Arbor Memorial named one of Canada’s “Best Managed Companies”

There is an insurance company that used to use the slogan “The Quiet Company”.  That company was, and still is, known as one of the most successful life insurance companies in America. . . . The “Quiet Company” claim came, at least to my way of thinking, from the idea that they used captive agents who did good old-fashioned client prospecting for the right type of clientele on an individual basis within a culture that was humble and quiet about […]

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Arbor Memorial locations to partner with Domanicare for aftercare

Last week Canadian funeral home operator Arbor Memorial announced in this press release a partnership with Domanicare that will help selected Arbor Memorial locations in the delivery of their aftercare programs. Here’s what Rondev Bhattacharya, Vice President of Sales at Arbor Memorial said of the agreement, ““The needs and expectations of Canadians are changing, as many client families are turning to digital means as their primary form of communication with us.  Between our team of highly-trained professionals and the aftercare […]


CBC alleges misleading sales tactics at Arbor

CBC Marketplace News of Canada in an article and video footage that you can see here, last week alleged that Canadian funeral services provider Arbor Memorial made misleading statements to hidden camera reporters.  The article maintains that it is a follow up to a 2017 hidden camera report which caused the Bereavement Authority of Ontario to introduce new protections outlawing some of the behavior that was then documented in the industry. One of the things the current hidden camera episode […]