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The FedEx strategy shift. . where do funeral homes go?

Editor’s Note:   For as yet unknown technical reasons, our daily article was not sent out earlier this morning.  Sorry. . here it is. All things are created equal. . . . until they’re not.  In the death care business I’m not so sure all of the calls we get at our funeral homes are created equal.  A death call that ends up being a full traditional funeral with casket and vault sale is probably more than equal to a direct […]


Bank of America on Service Corporation International

Last week a short article was written and published by the business channel CNBC on the merits of investing in death care company Service Corporation International.  You can read that article here. The article states that in the majority of the last economic downturns that Service Corporation has fared better than most stocks due to its position in, what they call, “the recession proof” death care industry. Funeral Director Daily take:  I own stock in Service Corporation International and have […]


The Funeral — Ceremony or Celebration??

So, one of the great things of growing older and living for six decades is that you gain perspective.  I started to think of that over the weekend when I both celebrated an anniversary and learned of the news of Sen. John McCain’s death and the funeral arrangements for singer Aretha Franklin.  Angie and I discussed how our perspectives on many things have changed as the years have gone by since we were married. Hearing of Sen. McCain’s death brought […]