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Can two death care trends solve a problem??

Over the years that I have done the research for the articles that appear in Funeral Director Daily, among others, I have noticed two trends that are definitely growing in the death care world.  One of those trends is that of Green or Natural burials.  Virtually every day when I look for articles that will be of interest to readers I will find an article from somewhere in the United States that is opening up a funeral home or cemetery […]


Cemeteries and their problems

Over the last couple of years of writing the daily article for Funeral Director Daily one of my routines is to continuously search for information that might be of interest to those in the funeral, memorial, or what is now being called the “Death Care” space.  In doing so, I have came across many articles, and written about some of them, which deal with problems of cemeteries moving forward. In general, those problems stem from one of two areas.  Number […]


Abandoned Cemeteries . . . and Mausoleums

I’ve talked about one of the disconcerting trends in the death care industry of late is that of neglected and eventually abandoned cemeteries.  From my point of view I’ve pondered “Who will take care of these?”  As I’ve pointed out in some articles, there are cities and townships now having to take over the financial burden of caring for association or church cemeteries that have been all but abandoned as they receive less business — most of the time from […]


The Growing Trend of Abandoned Cemeteries

One of the things I believe that we do pretty well at Funeral Director Daily is monitor the Death Care industry for trends that are emerging and we can provide some warning on what issues may be sneaking up on funeral directors and cemeterians. Since we started slightly over a year ago we have noticed the growing number of articles on “abandoned cemeteries”.  Just today we noticed an article in an Ohio newspaper that was headlined questioning the costs that […]


Cemetery Turns up at Tax Auction

According to an article in the Abilene Reflector-Chronicle that you can read here, a local cemetery turned up on a list of abandoned properties to be auctioned off in Dickinson County (Kansas).  Once discovered, the property was pulled off the auction and the county applied for tax exempt status – which has been approved – and the cemetery has now become the property and responsibility of Union Township. In this particular instance, the Chalker-Sinclair Cemetery was established in 1889 by […]