Working for the Weekend

Since it is Friday and I could not find a single great story to bring to you, I thought I would just give you several articles with each having a little tease and let you pick and choose which ones you would like to learn more about.

Cape Canaveral Cemetery — The Cape Canaveral Cemetery held a “You are Not Forgotten” day and interred the cremated remains of several veterans who had been unclaimed on Saturday, February 2.  Thanks to this effort that you can read about here, 18 veterans and six spouses were given proper resting places.

Co-operative Funeral Group — The United Kingdom based Co-operative Funeral Group has decided to re-enter the life insurance business.   You can read the story here.  The Co-operative Group presently has 4.6 million members and operates about 2500 food stores and about 1000 funeral homes.  Recently the group has re-entered the pharmacy business and will now be able to provide life, motor vehicle, and home insurance to its members.  We certainly believe that they will also be in the preneed business.

Female Morticians on the Rise This article from Louisiana Weekly that you can read here tells the story of how New Orleans’ Jasminne Navarre found her way into funeral service.  The article talks not only about a woman’s perspective on funeral service but quotes statistics about employment from the Census Bureau’s 2016 American Community Survey which indicates that, on average, women funeral directors are younger than their male counterparts, and at least at the manager level, higher compensated.

Russian Competition — Very seldom do we see funeral news from Russia, however, this article from Crime Russia, which you can read here captures the spirit of Russian competition in the funeral industry.  If you thought you and your neighbor funeral director were competitive, you need to read this article.

Have a great weekend.

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