Whose casket is it?

The other day we came across this unusual article in the Voldosta Today News.  The story revolves around the private mausoleum of the E.D. Rivers, Jr. family.

E.D. (Eurith Dickinson) Rivers, Jr. was the 68th Governor of Georgia and served from 1937 to 1941.  According to the above referenced article, he and his wife Mattie Lucile Lashley Rivers were entombed above ground in a private family mausoleum within the City Cemetery in Lakeland, Georgia.

Again, according to the article, members of the Rivers family were recently at the cemetery and found out that another casket was placed inside the mausoleum on top of the vault of Mrs. Rivers.  It appears that a lock on the door of the mausoleum was either broke or bored out to enable this casket to be placed inside the mausoleum and on top of Mrs. Rivers vault.

The article goes on to say that in “trying to determine whose casket has been placed in the mausoleum that was designed only to hold Governor Rivers and his wife, more questions have been raised.”  Questions that are being asked are:

  • Whose body is in the additional casket?
  • Who bored the locks of the mausoleum to place it there?
  • Who is supposed to investigate the situation?

Funeral Director Daily take:  I had to read this article a couple of times to actually believe what I was reading.  Somebody has to have answers to these questions.

I also waited a couple of days before  publishing this article to see if a solution was found, but in doing internet based searches I have found no more information as of the writing of this article.

We will try to see how this situation turns out and report back to you.


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